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I have the same issue as VancouverBB. Here's my info;

BB is RIM 7290. Computer is iMac with Leopard. Not sure about the media card being installed. In the computer or the blackberry? Let me know how to find out and I can get back to you. I tried connecting the BB to my iMac using the usual USB cable that fits the BB (it was actually the cord I got with my canon camera). The problem is that is won't register on the pocketmac. I get that same "Available" status.

The weird thing is that I know PocketMac can work on my BB. I was at the Apple store for a personal training session, and the trainer downloaded PocketMac onto the demo MacBook Pro, hooked my BB up using a canon cable, and Synced my BB! I went home, followed all the steps he took, and came up empty. Is it something to do with the iMac vs MacBook Pro????

Any help would be wonderful. The trainer suggested dragging my iMac into the store if I still had problems, but who wants to drag a desktop computer around?
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