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tsac 06-02-2021 07:41 PM

use sim on older BB
in 2019 ATT and others have indicated they would be removing support from the Blackberry phones. If you have a SIM from a working current phone and get SIM adapters if needed , the older BB phone will work on the network. I plugged in my sim from an iPhone into an adapter for a sim that fits the Z10 and it worked well.

tsac 09-20-2021 06:26 PM

Re: use sim on older BB
BB still working on SIM from iphone

Rolyb 01-05-2022 09:07 PM

Re: use sim on older BB
Can somebody tell me how to start a thread. I used to be able to but that was a long time ago. Now when I go to "Thread Starter" in any forum, the page just blinks and nothing changes.

nobody7290 01-28-2022 02:19 PM

Re: use sim on older BB
Well, the forum is rather dead. But should be able to create a new thread by:

Example the forum is number 10 (which is the "general Blackberry Discussion").

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