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wb0gaz 01-30-2008 10:22 AM

Spurious "voice message waiting" indicator
On my Blackberry 8320 on T-Mobile in the US, I get a spurious voice message waiting indicator under the following conditions (the handheld is new; I've been on the service for a while with a different handheld):

Problem: voice message waiting icon/indicator is present even though there are no new or saved voice mails in the service's voice mail system.

1. Disable cellular network
2. Enable WIFI network, UMA goes active
(at this juncture, the voice message waiting icon appears)
3. Call to check voice mail, there are no new or old messages, then hang up
4. Spurious voice message waiting icon remains
5. Shut off and restart Blackberry (from the keyboard, not removing battery)
6. Spurious voice message waiting icon remains
7. Power down and restart Blackberry (removing battery and replacing)
8. Spurious voice message waiting icon remains
9. Disable WIFI network
10. Enable cellular network
11. Try both shut down/restart tests above, again confirming there is no voice mail in mailbox, new or old
12. Spurious voice message waiting icon remains
13. Leave myself a voice mail.
14. Get an indicator "new voice mail waiting", and voice message icon remains
15. Call voice mail, play then delete voice mail.
16. Voice message icon disappears.

I did not try other permutations of this test (such as creating and clearing a voice mail while on the WIFI network exclusively), but the problem above is repeatable, and as it is a use case for me (using the WIFI network exclusively), I am troubled by the spurious voice mail icon.

I have not contacted T-Mobile nor RIM on this yet - any suggestions on how best to proceed at this point?



JSanders 01-30-2008 10:28 AM

You have a tried a couple of the recommended methods to clear it.
Here are a couple more:

1--With the BB powered fully ON, remove the battery, hold 30 seconds, replace, reboot.
2--Change Themes and return to the present theme (Options > Themes)
3--Lastly, backup, reload the OS.

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wb0gaz 01-30-2008 01:12 PM

Thanks for the reply!

I was able to narrow down the issue and here's what I believe is happening:

The voice mail indicator appears to be cached in the blackberry device itself (it appears or does not appear immediately on start-up, even before either wireless network goes active.) There appears to be a separate cache of the voice mail indicator associated with either network (cellular and wifi). Therefore, the displayed voice mail indicator appears to be a logical "or" of both locally cached indicator. The cached indicator appears again at start-up, regardless of the available network connection(s), if it was present at the prior turn-off. If the voice mail indicator is wrong, it does not self-correct once either of the wireless networks gets active.

The voice mail indicator can be cleared IF you retrieve and delete a voice mail, but ONLY IF you call using the same network (cellular vs. wifi) that was being used when the voice mail indicator appeared in the first place. If I created and deleted a voice mail while on the "other" network connection, the displayed indicator was not cleared. Once the displayed indicator was cleared, that state would continue across a power-off.

I'd say the susceptibility to this is when I switch network types while there is a voice mail present in the system (and hence an indicator set in the cache locally.)



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