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gig1986 06-17-2010 09:54 AM

Computer won't send files to blackberry
Hi There
I have a blackberry bold 9000. Just purchased it today so i'm just getting used to it.
I have a IVT bluesoleil that is connected to my computer at the minute. It recognises my blackberry but i cant click on the icon that lets me send and receive files.
I downloaded the blackberry desktop manager and i cant do anything with that either as that doesnt recognise that i have the blackberry connected to the computer...but the bluesoleil does.
Its all so confusing and doing my head in lol
I just want to put some pictures off my computer onto my phone

Can anyone please help me? it would be so much appreciated
Thank you

aiharkness 06-17-2010 10:49 AM

Wirelessly posted

I don't know what an IVT bluesoliel is, or how it figures in this issue, but if you do the following you will accomplish your goal:

One caveat is you will need a microSD card installed.

Go into options on the device and enable mass storage mode in media card settings.

Connect the blackberry to the computer using USB cable. The computer will see the microSD card as a drive. Drag and drop you pictures into the pictures folder in the blackberry folder.

EDIT: Also, don't use a USB hub, or USB connector on a keyboard or monitor, etc .... Use a USB port on the computer. Try different USB ports if you have to.

J_Hon 07-05-2010 01:50 PM

AVI from PC to BB Bold 9000
Hi, I have successfully paired my BB Bold 9000 to my computer via IOtech micro USB. I also have sucessfully transfered pictures, audio, text files and a 12 Mb program file between the two. I have sent a 444.5 Mb AVI file to my computer from my BB, I have even connected my BlackBerry smartphone as a Bluetooth IP Modem.
My problem started when I tried to transfer an AVI file to my BB from the computer. The file size is approximately 300-500 Mb, I have 858.9 Mb of free space in my Device Memory and 6.1 Gb of free space on my Media Card. When I try to transfer the file I get the error: The file transfer was not successful. Insufficient system resources exist to complete the requested service.
I understand even if I do get this to work it is going to take a long time to transfer, and it would be more effecient to move the files via USB, but I dont care, I plan on transfering while I sleep.
When on my phone I go to Settings->Options->Memory: Media Card Support is ON, Encryption Mode is NONE, Mass Storage Support is ON, and Auto Enable Mass Storage Mode When Connected is YES.
Is there a size restriction on file transfer to the Bold? Is there a software solution?

Thx n adv,


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