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iZacki 09-22-2009 04:37 PM

Setting application permissions from installation screen

I didn't find any post on this. I have a problem with application permissions. I'm installing an application using a web link to a JAD file. When I click on the link, the download screen appears with the name, version, vendor, size, and description of the application that will be installer. I also have, over the Download and the Cancel button, a checkbox allowing me to set permissions for this application (Set application permissions). This feature is very usefull for me because my application runs in the background and use the GPS. So, it's very usefull to be able to allow GPS communication to prevent future permission popups because it's running in the background and the popup may appears at any moment.

My problem now is that these permissions aren't being saved after the installation. Even if I allow, from the installation screen, the application to use the GPS, I receive a permission popup few minutes after the installation, when the application must use it. When I saw that, I opened the permissions for this application and saw that all the settings I've made while installing were lost. Why? Is this a problem with my BES policies? If I have the option to set the permissions while installing, there must be a way to get it to work.

For now, the only solution I have is to connect to the GPS at the start of my application for no reason just to get the permission popup.

Am I doing something wrong?

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