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wibbly 05-17-2011 04:53 AM

Auto switching to 2G from 2G/3G with WiFi app?
There are several apps that offer switching of WiFi status based on cell location of use of Bluetooth (all to save battery). Examples are:

Smart WiFi
WiFi Comrade
WiFi Manager

Anyone know any apps that will do the same for 2G/3G (forcing it to 2G only mode) when WiFi is connected/available based on cell location?

Zona3G does the 2G/3G flipping, but not based on cell location and doesn't flip the WiFi on an off too.

Maybe one of the developers of one of he above can comment here? It would support the usage model of:

- When on WiFi, I don't need the speed of 3G, so 2G-only saves a lot of power and I can still make/receive calls
- Making it cell based, means switching can be automatic
- I would want to wind up being able to select the combination of WiFi, 3G (and maybe Bluetooth too) all based on my location (or unknown location/travelling)

rambo47 05-18-2011 10:32 PM

Re: Auto switching to 2G from 2G/3G with WiFi app?
Never heard of that. BlackBerrys automatically pick the fastest network available. 2G will switch to 3G when it's available. Some versions of the BlackBerry OS will allow you to choose GPRS only, but it's a manual selection.

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