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JazzKennyWowy 03-14-2018 10:00 AM

Can anyone help me set up my email?
Ive just got a Blackberry and I'm trying to get my emails to come through to the phone. Ive managed to get my Hotmail account and AOL account conected to the BB but I'm struggling with my work email, its an email address which I bought with the domain for my website, Ive been in touch with the company I bought it from and they say; Quote 'SMTP authentication must be turned on in your email client. You will need to edit the settings for your email account in your email client to turn this feature on.' End quote.

Can anyone help?? I'm lost!


tsac 03-14-2018 12:28 PM

Re: Can anyone help me set up my email?
SMTP allows access to the email user folder. You may need to check with the department that runs the email servers and see if remote access is allowed. Some companies do not allow cell phone or remote access for security reasons. You should contact your company for details. Below are just examples for access used to get email.

the general items needed are

account edit section -------- example of input

Server address ----------
Port # -------- 465
Encryption ----------- SSL

SMTP password used ------- what ever you use
SMTP port ------- may be 445 or other number
SMTP Encryption -------- SSL

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