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doncoop 02-08-2011 07:56 AM

BB Facebook app - private messages not updating
So something has plagued my bb app for a while and I have finally had somone else with the same problem.

I have a bold 9700 on OS 5.1.0175 (on Vodafone) but my friend has a Torch and my friend has exactly the same issue.

The background

Myself and some friends have a private message going on FB. Not the easiest mode of communication but it works for us. It has been going since 2008 and the thread has been split by FB on numerous occasions for being too long.

The problem

Ever since 30/1/2011 the message wont update. I get notified of a new message on the app and a message in the messages bit of my bb. I go to the message and I can see what one of my friends has wrote while it loads the whole message.

However.....when it has completely loaded the message it reverts back to a 30/1/2011 post and does not show any made after this date. I can view the last dozen or so messages on the mobile site but nothing after the date on the app.

What I've done

Deleted the message in the app. Deleted and reinstalled FB so newest version. Battery pull when installed and not.

Its annoying the hell out of me and am at a loss as to why its doing this.

Anyone experienced something remotely similar or any advice / solutions?

Cheers everyone!!

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