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jberg29 08-25-2010 11:11 AM

Migrating users between Test and Prod BES server

I currently have a BES 5.0.1 MR3 Exchange Production environment and a Test environment with SP2. I would like to move a few users to the test environment because I have SP2 running on that server. I will have them run in the test environment for a couple weeks if everything is good I will update my production environment. I will then move them back to the Production server. I intend to use the transporter tool to move them from server to server. I was wondering if you think this a good way to handle it or there is a better way?

I did run into a possible issue that I'm not 100% sure was tied to the transporter tool. After I moved myself to the test environment and then back to the Production environment it seemed like I lost a couple calender entries. Could it have been the tool? After the move should I delete their entries from the database before I move them back?

Thanks for any input.

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