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cl_ 06-23-2010 08:57 AM

Can't receive Gmail in native BB app
I have a TMo Pearl 8120 running and want to receive Gmail using the native Blackberry Messenger app (not the Gmail app).

I can add the gmail account either using my blackberry (via "Manage Internet Email) or via TMo's online email account setup, and when I do so, a new icon appears on my Blackberry. However, it is impossible to open this icon. If I click on the added icon, the blackberry just hangs for about 2 minutes. The icon does no appear active because if a message comes in for that gmail account, there is no red star on the icon. The emails sent to the account do show up in the "Messages" icon that catches ALL messages for ALL email addresses.

This has been an ongoing problem for me for both gmail email addresses and google apps email addresses, and I have been getting around it by following the directions on RIMs site for "advanced itegration" (I cannot post a link, so you go to RIM's Blackberry site, search for KB02189 and select "using the advanced integration method)

The downside to this method is that is somehow over rides blackberry recognizing it as a gmail account and so I cannot use the enhanced blackberry for gmail add on.

However, now even this will workaround no longer work because the online TMo interface no longer allows you to get past the initial screen if you leave the password blank. It looks like I currently am totally unable to add any gmail IMAP enabled account to my blackberry.

I have tried resending service books and that did not help.

Short of a complete wipe clean and restarting from scratch, does anyone have any suggestions?


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