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pewekodok 06-19-2011 08:18 AM

Is EastAsia Hongkong CSL compatible with BBM 5
Is EastAsia Hongkong CSL compatible with BBM5?

from previous owner, BBM 5 was installed and I updated the OS using DM.

then I tried the EastAsia Hongkong CSL.
BBM 4.5 and BBM 5 were installed but both didnot show up in the menu.
(I clicked show all, and I didn't find them)
Adv Option -> Application listed two BBMs 4.5 and 5.

Uninstall both, reinstalled BBM 4.5, it worked but no bbm group.
I need bbm group though.

fyi BBM was backed up. so I could restore it, but BBM 5 never shows up in the menu meanwhile it is listed at Adv. Option -> Application

any ideas what to do?


pewekodok 06-20-2011 02:42 PM

Re: Is EastAsia Hongkong CSL compatible with BBM 5
forget to mention the hh and os

8310 vodafone
8310 EastAsia


still hoping somebody can give me a clue


pewekodok 06-20-2011 07:05 PM

Re: Is EastAsia Hongkong CSL compatible with BBM 5
currently BBM 5 working hurray :smile:
but pinyin input cannot be installed snob :cry:

what must be checked in order to install pinyin input?

reading Chinese & Japanese not a problem

the step I followed :
1. install EastAsia Hongkong CSL with pinyin input
2. update HH OS with DM
3. install Japanese + Korean font support application using DM.
pinyin input refuse to install while DM don't find net.rim.platform.lang.zh_CN
4. copy BBM 5 jad+cod to SD card
5. using media explorer install it. HH was freezing, it made me worried
I pull battery, reinsert and I found BBM icon
6. BBM 5 is up and running

best regards

pewekodok 08-21-2011 10:15 PM

install lastest OS 313 + CJK
seem no one interested in EastAsia OS :(

After read lastest 8310 313, I found EastAsia 303 from AT&T
(AT&T version need to be checked again)

so I tried copy CJK from AT&T then put it on 313
flash it to my HH, and it works
BBM 5 + input pinyin hurray
btw I use crackmem to remove several CODs

but I still had battery problem, it drain out quickly
not sure either incompatible OS
or battery replacement because I bought used HH

fyi I don't find any japanese input. such a pity even japanese HH don't have one as native input

best regards

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