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SherylWilliams 11-30-2010 11:54 PM

Can't Open Attachments
I've already read through some posts, but I still feel like I'm reading in circles.

I am a home user of a Curve 8310 who is unable to open photo attachments on my phone. I receive the message, "This attachment type cannot be viewed on your device." And that's if I select "open" or "download" - neither makes a difference.

At first, I thought I couldn't open ANY pictures, but AT&T (my carrier) helped me actually verify that the only pictures I can't open are those that are sent to my BB from my own desktop PC. I have no idea what's causing this. I can open JPGs sent to me from friends, but not from my own desktop PC.

I've only had my phone for a few months, and I'm new to the whole BlackBerry world. I've read about Blackberry Enterprise Server and Internet Service. I've tried to register for the latter, but at every turn there's a roadblock. When I tried to set up a new account, it said my phone's not registered with my wireless network (which, to me, doesn't make sense), but I followed directions to register and received a confirmation email that it's now registered. An hour or so later, I tried to open an Internet Service account again and still receive the same message.

If BlackBerry Enterprise Server is causing the issue, I have no idea where it is or how to find it or change it. I read something about going into Administrative Tools in my Control Panel (I have XP) and doing it there, but there's no BlackBerry icon there.

I do have the Attachment Service option selected in BlackBerry Desktop, so that's apparently not the issue.

Also read that if you have the Redirector Service installed, that you won't be able to open attachments. But, also read that you know if that's installed if you have that icon in your tray. I don't.

I've been receiving and sending emails without a problem - just problems with the photos from my desktop. What do I need to check/change/install on my desktop in order to view pictures ?:?

aiharkness 12-01-2010 06:32 AM

Re: Can't Open Attachments
On the device, there's nothing you can see different about these emails or the attachments? Are the images .jpg or are they .jpeg? There is a difference. I would think BIS opens both, but maybe not.

On the computer, have you looked at exactly what you are doing and tried variation? Is the computer you are using on a network, or a home computer? I you composing html messages and pasting the images in the email, or attaching? Or have you tried composing plain text email and attaching the image.

How big are the images. Try making smaller size, or find smaller size images to send as a test.

Just some ideas. I don't know. But if you can find something that works it will point to the problem.
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