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LoveHateBBLoveHate 10-23-2011 03:42 PM

Gmail & Yahoo Contacts Issues - Bold 9700

Gmail Contacts Issues - Bold 9700 - Running OS6 - (n):::

1. I had a Gmail account in my BB yesterday. Removed the email account from my phone.

2. I also have a Yahoo email account, still active in my phone.

3. Went to gmail, deleted all messages from all folders, and then deleted the Gmail account completely. (No 2nd email addy was listed on the gmail account as backup.)

4. Now I have 2 separate CONTACT lists in my phone...and you guessed it...1 from Gmail, 1 from Yahoo. (The Yahoo contact list is very small, incomplete, and old, the Gmail account is current and up to date.)

Here's the obvious solutions I've already tired that haven't worked. Boo.
-Yahoo is listed as the default email (but the Gmail email addy is still listed in the "Contacts SYNC" drop down menu under defaults.
-I removed Sync from Yahoo account.
-I tried backing up all contacts in Desktop Manager, removing them from my phone, and reloading them.
-Because my Gmail account is gone, I can't get back in there to remove my contacts from that account.

I want all contacts to be listed under the Yahoo email address.

I know it doesn't really seem to matter much, but the Gmail email account was a shared account, and honestly I don't want a memory of that account at all. *Hint* & *Note to self*...don't set up a shared email account with anyone again!! Oooops. :oops:

Please help me fix this and figure this out!
Thank you so much! :)

boogmansnake 10-24-2011 06:21 AM

Re: Gmail & Yahoo Contacts Issues - Bold 9700
I've had the same problem. Apparently there is no way to switch the contact list of a contact without deleting the contact and then rentering it. I had a yahoo contact list and when I opened a new gmail account the yahoo list and contact list disappeared. It went to the gmail but only the last 10 contacts that were entered under it. I then imported all my yahoo contacts to if I were to do a device wipe what would happen is when the email setup is activated, it would sync all the contacts from gmail and then they would be under the rt account. That's the only way I think could work. I have OS7 and this problem has happened on every bberry I've had. I believe there is. A software issue. I will be updating the software soon and this is the method I'm going to try.
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