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tomshirvo 06-24-2010 09:13 AM

BES Express problems
Hi everyone,

Need help with this problem!! I have setup BES express on a Server 2003 32 RC2 with exchange 2003 and got it to work fine in the end.

I am now setting up a new business and changing domains and email address. My new setup is wil Server 2003 64 RC2 with Exchange server 2007 64 Bit.

I have go it all setup with exchange fine and can send and receive emails. I have now installed BES and setup all the permissions correct and redone them just incase.

When I go to my BB Bold 9000 and go to Enterprise Activation and try and activate it will it just sits there and does nothing. I get an email to my email address for the activation but it doesn't go anywhere or activate.

So it must have something to do with BESadmin not picking up the activation email and activating it.

Can someone please help because I have tried everything and just cant get it working.

Thanks in advance

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