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chris5h 03-04-2005 11:53 PM

FS: Mint 7520, Nextel, Lots of OEM Accessories
I am selling my BlackBerry Nextel 7510. It is in MINT condition, with very little usage on it. It has just over 1 hour of phone usage, and just under 15 minutes of direct connect usage on it.

The phone is, like I already stated, MINT CONDITION. No scatches, no scrapes, NOTHING. I baby my phones and this has been no exception.

The phone itselt, like I said, is in perfect condition, and has 3 additional games on it I have uploaded it to myself. It has an asteroids clone, a frogger clone, and a game that is somewhat original. Also, I upgraded the phones software to the newest version (4.0) and it includes the original install disk with the Desktop Assistand software you need to sync it.

The phone come with the phone itself, CD with neccessary software, OEM holster, OEM batery, OEM data cable (never opened), OEM wall charger (never opened) OEM ear bud (never opened), and OEM desk cradle for when you sync/charge the unit (never opened).

All the accessories are either brand new never opened, or in the case of the battery and the holster, very VERY lightly used, only a few weeks old, and in mint condition also.

Here are some pics of the phone itself:

And here are some pics off al the accessories you get with this.

Lastly the phone also comes with a brand new NEVER USED original blackberry SIM card, if you chooose to use it, but the Blackberry is compatible with both 32k Condor and 64k Falcon SIM cards.

The cost of the phone, with all the accessories and SIM card, is $120 shipped priority mail to your door.

PayPal only to [email address]

I relize I am relatively new on this forums, but I have lots of positive feedback on a couple other cell phone forums.

Arthur 08-13-2005 05:54 PM

Sounds good! You said the phone works very good? Well I'm looking for a 7510 Blackberry phone. My email is [email address]

Dawg 08-13-2005 08:25 PM

this thread is five months old dont you think its gone by now?

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