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Phobia 05-04-2011 04:43 AM

BBM Problem

Yesterday I stumbled upon an annoying problem with my blackberry messenger. It only sends about 1/10 of the messages I send to others, sometimes more but it will take hours for them to recieve it.
(Most of the times it only shows the check mark, without a R or D above.. and sometimes it sticks to the sending sign)

I never had this problem before, it just happend yesterday, and when waking up this morning, the problem still remained.

I tried hard & soft reset, tried pulling out the battery (and let it out for 15 min.).
I checked the version, had the latest version, couldn't upgrade. Even pulled out my mediacard, and back in. Also shut down my wi-fi but still had the same problem.. activated my wi-fi again, still same problem.

All other (internet)programs are working fine, and communicating with WhatsApp is working perfectly aswell, it's just my bbm.

My Carrier = Hi
My phone = Bold 9700
BBM version =

Hope that covers most of the info.. hope any1 has any clue what the problem is.. I'd say something with my connection, yet same problem around town, and on other internet connections..

Kind Regards,

tsac 05-11-2011 08:37 PM

Re: BBM Problem
Try an upgrade but if you installed or updated any apps I would suspect that first.

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