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Alphamitsch 07-17-2014 05:03 PM

BES 10.2 separate server setup

I need to split the BES 10.2 Services on 2 separate server machines.

1) Core Services
2) Service Consoles
3) SQL Database server - is running already - no problem here.

I have set up several BES 10.2 Servers in a Single Server constillation, but this is new for me.

BES Installation Guide tells me to install core services on the first server = uncheck service concole option during installation... works without problems.
Core services are runnning.

BES Installation guide tells me to install service consoles on the 2nd Server and uncheck all other options - here starts the pain.
The Core Services are always checked and greyed during installation - no way to uncheck them

Installation Account is an Active Directory Accout which has admin rights on all BB Servers, all other prequisites are given as well.

I have not found anything useful about this in the www so far.
Has anyone encountered such a Problem before ? :smile:

Best regards,

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