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sjt79 01-23-2010 08:37 AM

Profiles - Now Custom AND Regular
SO, I'm on my third Tour. First one the day it came out, new one a month or two later for a new trackball (which I learned the "green dot" boxes were just current stock with replacement trackballs as opposed to new ones as some people thought), and now I had to go for a refurb because the trackball went out...again. BUT, I digress.

In the original OS, I had trouble backing up custom profiles...DM would ONLY backup TWO custom profiles, and it was always the same two. With the updated OS, the same things happens, but NOW with the replacement, it has switched ALL of my contacts to a custom ringtone. So it IGNORES what I have my main setting on. The only way (I can think of) changing this is to go into every single contact and change it to the right (one main) ringtone. WTF? Why is there always an issue with BB? I LOVED my Curve. Things are supposed to get better as they are upgraded, not worse. What the heck is BB doing? They claim to have NO idea why this is happening and can offer no assistance - on the profile backup or the custom ringtone issue.

Has anyone else experience any of these problems with their profiles - creating and/or backing them up and restoring?

pvdiamon 02-10-2010 05:28 AM

I have a real problem with Profiles too. I just posted last night a synopsis but basically after installing some programs, even custom profiles failed to hold a profile unique from the others. I will try once more with another one, and if it does it again, ask to go to the Curve 2.


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