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qnxsignup 09-26-2018 07:44 PM

Contact data will not update properly.
This is a z10 with OS update Great phone.

Family has a 2 year long text with 7 others, many happy memories, wish to keep it going. One participant got a new phone number and now doesn't get the text messages. The others still do. If a new text is created using the new number, all get the new messages. But not the old stuff.

I have tried to edit the contact info to replace the old number but can't. "Save" after changing the number pops a message "Invalid account selected (SyncML). Tried several things, including rebooting the phone, nogo so far.

Any ideas? Thanks very much.

tsac 09-28-2018 08:01 PM

Re: Contact data will not update properly.
If I understand this correct, your trying to see a text message with/from a new number but do not want to delete the old message string just edit the old number to the new one. but keep the string. I might be wrong but the phone thinks the new number is an error and states so. It may work if you just add the new number as a new contact and and leaving the old name there add a new one such as ( old ) Fred to ( new ) FredNew. You did say when the new number sends everyone gets the message. So to keep the old messages the new number needs to be added but with a different name..

old , old, old, (edit add ) new and old, new and old, new and old

That's the only thing I can think of.

qnxsignup 10-03-2018 05:08 AM

Re: Contact data will not update properly.
Thank you, will try that.
Busy here, sorry for my delayed reply.

tsac 10-03-2018 08:39 AM

Re: Contact data will not update properly.
Post back if it works

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