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peterbabiy 04-03-2008 12:43 PM

NEW BB Video Site - Watch & Downloads For BlackBerry Free
Anyone visiting the site has the privilege to watch the videos. You are required to register only if you want to upload or download a video. Those that are members of eVeek site can use the same log in information to access every feature on the platform with out having to re-register again. Videos that are uploaded or downloaded will come in 3GP format, viewed in FLV and will always be resized to a standard 320x240 screen resolution.

The site is still facing a lot of bugs and possible issues but we’re working on it as we move forward. A lot of new features will be added and improved such as better video quality, video size, download options, etc within a short amount of time.

As for right now we have only launched the PC version of the site. Once we get a good grip of it and you begin to upload and share their videos, we will quickly covert the entire site to a simple mobile version allowing visitors to watch and download videos right from their Blackberry device. Either way, with no questions asked, we’re putting our hands on a mobile version as soon as possible.

Now, because this is our first BETA version to the public, we’ll have to face a lot of database issues or so called bugs. The platform is so huge, it’s almost impossible to have it run properly with out some sort of constant live action on it. We want our users to be aware that their first visit might not be as pleasant as they imagined it but with their help and feedback we’ll continue to work and improve in every area of the site. Video platform is considered to stay in BETA for 6 months.

We want to encourage everyone to participate in this project and contribute by sharing their own videos through eVeek Video Site.

To access video platform

Click on “Videos” from eVeek Home Page or go to

Hope you all enjoy
Feedback and contribution of any kind is very appreciated!

akosnitzky 04-04-2008 03:38 AM

Wirelessly posted (Verizon 8830)

There is a site that came out a few weeks ago? Are you similiar to them in terms of the webmaster placing tv shows and a few movies or past PPV's of his choice?

I am hoping that the technology will improve to the point where we can download large products OTA.

nimocone 04-04-2008 04:17 PM

Right now it looks like Youtube-type videos. I tried looking for tv shows and found short clips, but not full shows. Nice site tho.

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