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nobody7290 10-30-2013 09:20 AM

BES 10.1.3 - enterprise certificates push
I have a 10.1.3 server in an AD Environment with a 2003 enterprise certification authority. When I istalled mobile Fusion/Blackberry services 6.2 I was able at the beginning to put the root certificate of the certserver into the shared/certificates/www folder, and it was imported automatically to the Blackberries.
However, month later the certificate vanished, and I was not able to restore the certificate distribution, whatever I did. However custom background push and Application push does still worked ok.
Now, I decided to make the step to 10.1.3, hoping that this would fix the problem.
In the manual of 10.1.3 there is also a little more text about the format of the certificates, and the allowed extensions. Also, the usages of the "Enterprise" folder inside the certificates folder is explained.

After installation of 10.3.1, I deleted the shared folder, created a new with all neccessary permissions. put the root certificate into the Enterprise and the WWW folder, and, after a refresh of the certificate store on a Z30, the certificate now appears under certificate authorities.

However (even after reboot of the Z10), if I browse to the Exchange Webmail server, the site ist sill marked with a red exclamation mark. I can overcome this, ok, so not a big problem, but still I would think it is nicer if my Certificates which any devices I have (Blackberry 5,7 OS, Windows, Mac cliens) accept are also be accepted by the Z10. I updated the Z10 to the current 10.2 OS. No change in behaviour.

Does anyone have an Idea if there is a log file where I could check when, and if the certificates are distributed. Also, why does the Z10 does not trust my certificates even if the root certiifcate is on the device and marked as certification authority ?


nobody7290 11-02-2013 04:27 PM

Re: BES 10.1.3 - enterprise certificates push
If I put the certificate into the "Enterprise" folder in the shared folder, it is shown on the Z10 (but, accodring to the documentation this root certificate will only be used if AS uses client certificates to authenticate against Exchange.
If I remove the certificate and put it into the "www" folder, it will not show up on the Z10, the documentation tells the www folder is used for root certificates which are used in the browser.

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