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SammyJ. 11-29-2009 11:38 AM

desktop manager want to update BB
Every time I sync, Desktop manager want to update
BB system software 4.5
BB core applications

amd a list of others. Will this happen all the time, or stop if I update? We ARE atalking about the operating system, right?

rambo47 11-29-2009 11:41 AM

Desktop Manager has found an update for your handheld OS. If you update it will stop nagging you. I believe you can also change the settings so Desktop Manager doesn't check for updates each time it runs.

aiharkness 11-29-2009 12:00 PM

Wirelessly posted (8820)

Sammy, to add to what Rambo wrote, if you do the update, be patient, and don't interupt it. It's no big deal to do, but there is a phase that seems to take forever and you'll think it has crashed. So, just an FYI to leave it be until confirmation that it has completed, if you decide to do it.

tsac 11-29-2009 12:20 PM

Dont forget to do a backup

SammyJ. 11-29-2009 01:31 PM

Thanks guys,

I have 4.3, and know why docs to go did not work. (4.5 4.6)

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