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annesheldon 11-04-2020 02:03 AM

Lining method of EAF bottom ramming material
Lining preparation

Clean up the permanent layer residue, dust, iron wire, plastic cloth and other foreign objects. Calculate the knot size, the actual knot thickness is equal to the required knot thickness multiplied by 1.09, and a sufficient amount of ramming material should be prepared according to the construction furnace slope and furnace bottom size requirements. After receiving the material, check whether the ramming material has debris and damp. The debris should be cleaned up. The damp material should not be used, and knotting equipment such as rammers and pneumatic picks should be prepared.

Lining method
After shoveling the material flat with a shovel, step on it with your feet to remove the air, insert the steel drill into the material and shake it repeatedly, and then use your feet to further solidify. The construction thickness of each layer of ramming material is 150~200mm. Appropriate, and then use a knotting implement to repeatedly beat it 3 times in a spiral from the periphery to the center.

The method to check the quality of knotting is usually to put a round steel with a diameter of 5mm on the ramming layer and press it down with a pressure of 10kg, and its depth does not exceed 30mm. Steel drills can be inserted forcefully during site construction, and the depth should not exceed 30mm.

The method of knotting the furnace slope is the same as that of the furnace bottom. First, use your feet firmly, and then use the knotting appliance to ram, the maximum angle between the furnace slope and the furnace bottom does not exceed 40. Prevent rolling or collapse due to the furnace slope is too large.

Place bricks at the tapping mouth, furnace door and other places where molten steel is agitated and scour severely should be beaten vigorously and appropriately thickened to extend the service life of refractory materials in these damaged parts as much as possible.

After the ramming is finished, cover the 5~10mm thick steel plate on the ramming material to prevent the shape of the furnace bottom being damaged or the waste steel penetrates the ramming material layer when loading the scrap steel, which may cause the hidden danger of steel leakage. If steel cannot be made in time, 100~200mm thick lime is added to the iron plate to prevent the ramming material from hydrating.

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tsac 11-04-2020 08:38 PM

Re: Lining method of EAF bottom ramming material
You do realize this is a cell phone forum ?

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