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asahel 09-04-2011 07:13 PM

8530 Won't Ring in Holster
Out of holster, my 8530 rings fine. Put into the holster the 8530 will only vibrate. The holster is an Authentic BlackBerry Accessory compatable with the 8530 Curve. I admit, I'm not good with BlackBerry sound profiles. What am I overlooking here? Thanks in advance!
San Antonio, Texas

aiharkness 09-04-2011 07:16 PM

Re: 8530 Won't Ring in Holster
Look in the profiles settings for the active profile and check the settings for phone. There will be a setting for Play Sound (in holster/out of holster/always). The wording may be a little different depending on your OS version, but same concept. If it isn't set to always, then change it. If it is set to always, then try a hard reset and test.

A hard reset is a battery pull, with the power on, for about 30 seconds.

And check the other profiles and make sure they are set the way you want.

asahel 09-04-2011 09:23 PM

Re: 8530 Won't Ring in Holster
You have me clicking the Thanks button. The hard reset 30-second battery pull and cold restart did the trick. The profiles were not coming up properly before the reset. Thanks also to wheresmycellphone for ringing my phone to test & veryify the rings.
San Antonio, Texas

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