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nobody7290 12-04-2021 03:07 PM

What to expect next year?
Currently my 7290 ist still working perfect - including bbmaps, connected to my BES, but starting on January Blackberry will shutdown its infrastructure.
I thought about continuing to use it WiFi only. I guess if the Blackberry Service is shutdown, the device will behave like connected to a wireless service without Blackberry. So it should be able continue to run when connected to my enterprise Wifi.
If I carry a android phone supplying wifi and VPN to my Network at least Email should still continue to work.
But what about activating a replacement device or reactivating? Wifi only activation of a blank device will not work without prior activation by Blackberry.
So I thought about pre-activating a few reserve-devices before the BB infrastructure is dead.

Anyone else here who has similar plans, and want to share his opinions?

tsac 12-17-2021 09:57 AM

Re: What to expect next year?
I used the SIM card from my current ( useless iPhone ) phone in my BB and it works for calls and on WIFI.
As for the email stuff , it does work with the WIFI.

Sadly they are dumping the services for BB.
I also have a few older BB's that also seem to work on cell service. I don't know if they will do something to block the swapping of the SIM card , lets hope not

Rolyb 01-04-2022 07:56 PM

Re: What to expect next year?
It is the end of the day on January 4th and my BB still does wifi and google email, but no other email. I have not tried putting in the SIM card from my iphone because I saw something somewhere that said that if I did that, my SIM card would be wiped.

nobody7290 01-05-2022 05:55 AM

Re: What to expect next year?
I tried one of my Passports. Everything well/the same as before. But I did remove it from the bb-find my phone system and made a factory reset previously.
BB7290 cant receive/send mails when connected to the movbile network. However with Wifi works as usual. I can send and receive mail using the BB-Enterprise server.
Also, Blackberrymaps is still functional.
But the real interesting thing i did not try: am I still able to activate a BBOS5 Blackberry on the BES? I guess not.

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