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ehock 11-01-2014 11:19 PM

heart rate monitor synch failure; HELP
I just bough a Polar H7 Bluetooth enabled HRM for use with my blackberry q10. The blackberry can see the monitor and "pair" to it but cannot communicate with the HRM. The fitness app I bought can see the HRM but does not receive HRM data. I'm very frustrated.:x

tsac 11-03-2014 09:17 PM

Re: heart rate monitor synch failure; HELP
Doing some internet reading on the device, it states it supports only "some" Android phones so it may not work with the Q10 using it as an Android app.
Also there is a statement it does not work with OS10 so it might be your issue.

Additional info may help

Android (Polar H7)
1.Make sure the heart rate device is fully charged.

2.Moist the sensor-pads on the belt (they have to be very moist/wet to pick up your heart rate). Put on the heart rate belt and make sure it is tight around your chest.

3.Go to the general phone settings and turn on Bluetooth (not in the Endomondo app).

4.Open the Endomondo app, go to Settings -> Accessory Settings -> Bluetooth Low Energy Sensors and press Scan - the application should now find your heart rate belt.

5.To see your heart rate go to the Workout screen, tab one of the four display fields on the screen and select HR or HR avg.

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