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daniel337 06-06-2013 04:20 PM

initiative - "Eurosport Player" for BB 10
Hi folks,

a bit longer this thread, but for all friends of sport activities: pleas read this - and follow me and take part!

I postet this also on other BlackBerry forums because this is a huge request for me. And please look for my translation if not so good (I am from Germany) ... :smile:

There is only one thing on that I am envious at Apple and Android user: the well made app "Eurosport Player" - I love this function! (y)

With this app (also usable with windows computers) you can watch all the tv program of Eurosport and Eurosport 2 as well as their news channel for 4-5 Euro per month or for round 40 Euro for a whole year live as stream. That's really good and works awesome in WLAN! As for example actually the "French Open" are running and shown on Europort and Europort 2. There you can even select the different tennis courts during the matches. That's a really great thing to have the shown sport (all kind of sport) always at your side without having to stay in front of the tv! So I really like to see this awesome app also on BlackBerry devices.

Some months ago I also wrote to Eurosport concerning this wish, but I did not receive a positive answer.
Now, some months are past - and the user of Z10 and Q10 are enthused because of this smart devices.

So I sent the following e-mail (see below) today to the developers of this app and would like to get your feedback here as answer to this posting. And - principally - it would be great if all similar interested of you would write an analogical e-mail to Eurosport. Somehow there must be a possibility to get this app also on your BlackBerry devices with assistance of this activity, right? So, take on and enter this action - this would be cool! 8-)




"Eurosport Player" for BlackBerry 10


I appreciate your offer and your well done app "Eurosport Player" for Apple iPhone and the Android smartphones. A real good option to have the sport from Eurosport in a mobile version!

Now I wonder when you also release a version of the "Eurosport Player" also for the actual BlackBerry devices as Z10 and Q10 with the BlackBerry 10 OS. This new smartphones are techical on a high level - no problem to exceed some iPhone and Android devices!

I know from some other users in diverse BlackBerry forums that there is a huge interest to this subject.

If not a native app version for BlackBerry (this would really be a big and great thing!) there is also - nice option - the possibility to port existing Android apps with no big effort to the BlackBerry OS 10 platform.

It would be really great to see the development of your apps for the competitive and powerful new BlackBerry 10 environment. Looking forward to getting a feedback from you concerning this enquiry.

Kind regards

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