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Flo_ACC 03-18-2010 05:31 AM

Bes monitoring question
Hi All,

I'm monitoring my blackberry server using the monitoring component.
the monitoring is on a different server,so far no big problem everything is working fine but i have a question:

under Components -> Messaging agent -> Messaging alert and then in Messaging server connection there is a monitor for failed connections.

the failed connections monitor is a bit strange ..... it's reporting errors actually 4 ... i know it's not so critical .... but what does that mean .... there is no error in event viewer in my BES server and in bes LOGS i can't find anything...

can someone guide me how to set up a good warning level .... and if someone can explain me how and where to see those errors in logs ......

find my servers versions in signature ..... ;-)

Thx by advance for your Help

Flo_ACC 03-18-2010 10:56 AM

44 views and no answers... nobody is using monitoring service ..???? nobody have an idea ???

:x my failed connections report is growing even if my BES is working fine ... what is wrong ????????

Frank Castle 03-18-2010 06:56 PM

What is your baseline? How long was your BES been up? Any reboots occur during the error times? (BES/Exchange/SQL?) Could also be related to the SRP disconnect / connect.

I mostly use BMS for reports. BES 5 is supposed to establish your baseline and then adjust based on that. I haven't put a ton of time into it as we also have MOM/OpenVue etc watching the box.

Flo_ACC 03-19-2010 03:29 AM

My server is running since 3 days and no reboot since SP1 applied ... so it's really strange ..... today the monitoring reports Failed connections to your Exchange server : 31 ... if you click on the litthe "?" to tell you what is that it's telling you it's the nnumber of failed connection during those last 10 minutes ........ can't believe this ..... my exchange is working perfectly and network is OK...... maybe RIM did a bad "?" and it's not the lost connection during last 10 minutes .... if someone know a little bite about this it will help .....

In fact i need to know where i can find the log which says that i have 31 failed connections ....


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