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PaulOckenden 05-20-2010 06:17 AM

1st review 9105
My review of the 9105 went live on the PC Pro website this morning. See here

I think it's the first ever proper review of the device - most other write-ups to date have been based on preview events with carriers or RIM. I actually got my hands on a boxed device last week (officially, before you ask!), and have been evaluating it for a few days.

To be honest, for the first hour or so I hated the keyboard. I'm too much of an old fart, and I love my qwerty keyboards. But I did get used to it.

I got a couple of typical texting teenagers to have a go, and they loved it, and were able to type really quickly.

Like I said in the review, it opens up a whole new market for RIM, but even for us old farts it would make an ideal weekend or holiday phone.

Hope you like the review. Feedback welcome, either here or in the comment box at the end of the review.

Nico57 06-09-2010 03:55 PM

Nice review.

As a long time Pearl user (8100 then 8110), I was somewhat disappointed by the new keyboard layout.
I never liked the old one that much -- typing in French with SureType is a real pain, and I'm too lazy for multitap -- but going with less keys on a new phone seemed like a step in the wrong direction.

Still you got me thinking, and I believe you're right.
Like the other Pearls before, the 9105 is here for those who want their phone to look like a phone (or like a phone used to), and absolutely NOT like anything they could get some work done with.
What has changed though over the last few years, is that the Curves 8300/8900 and most notably the Bold 9700 managed to gain acceptance from those who rejected the 8800 because of its "bulkiness" and grim looks.
The Bold 9700 is a really good all-around smartphone (feature-full but still light and good-looking) and as such should draw the largest share of BB device sales by far, especially among current BB owners.
The 9105 however should be able to extend RIM's market reach, like the Pearl did on its time, just shifting the mark one step further.

I actually believe RIM would have got rid of the BlackBerry name for this one, were it not for the marketing headache what would ensue. :)

raf_75 07-11-2010 08:27 AM

I think Blackberry has got it spot on at last, how many people have growen up using a number pad to text? I've been looking for a smart phone for the last year, I can't get used to touch screens, and a full qwerty keyboard is too involving when I've lernt to touch type on a number pad. I've been envious of my lil bro for ages as he's got a blackberry.

a.petrov 07-14-2010 10:03 AM

what about the so much useful and famous BB keypad shortcuts? (like the ones for replying to a message, forwarding it and so on)

any of those survived the transition to the numeric keypad?

for me those shortcuts where one of the important thing which made BB so superior to other phones in therms of speed and easy of navigation, working with emails and so on...

a.petrov 07-17-2010 05:41 AM

also, are there any additional charging connectors (apart from the microUSB)?

a.petrov 07-31-2010 12:37 PM

anyone can answer my questions please?

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