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Super-Bright LEDs
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Super-Bright LEDs:

Thanks for reading the description on my Super Bright LEDs! Below you will find the details on my products as well as how the listing itself works. You might be able to save yourself some money if you select the assortment size that suits you! The listing is for an assortment of Super-Bright LEDs. You may choose from the 3mm and 5mm sizes and a wide spectrum of colors, including 940nm Infrared, Red, Orange, Amber, (Like traffic yellow light Amber) Lime Green, Emerald Green, Blue, Pink, Purple / UV, (Blacklight) Cool White and Warm White. In certain cases, additional features are available as an option. These items were tested before they were packaged so I will guarantee that you will receive all good LEDs. They are usually packaged by weight so I may have accidentally shipped extras. If so, please feel free to keep them for your next project. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, I will replace it or issue you a refund until you are satisfied. These items are not being shipped to you from overseas, they will be shipped from my shop in East Texas so you will receive them in just a few days, assuming the Postal Service is still operating.You do not have to buy 50x or 100x of a single color. All of my LEDs are pre-packed in 50 and 100 count packages. But if you order less than that of any color, I will put them all together in a single bag, just like an assortment of M&Ms candies. You can use a coin battery like the CR2032 to test them and see what color they are. If you wish to make an assorted colors order, I encourage you to select the "Assorted" option under colors. And then when you place your order, send me a message explaining what colors and how many of each you are looking for. If you buy an assorted mix of LEDs, you are not restricted to size either. So if you want 25x 5mm and 25x 3mm, I will gladly make up your assortment of 50x for you. If you absolutely must have them separated by color, you must also speak to me ahead of the purchase so that I can make up your assortment as you asked.Now if you select the "Assorted" option under colors and you do not explain to me what you want in your assortment, then you will receive the default assortment of 10x each Red, Amber, Green, Blue and Cool White. (double that for a 100x assortment) I will no longer reach out to buyers who choose this option and do not explain to me what they want. I will simply assume that the default assortment is an acceptable mix for them until I hear otherwise. But please reach out to me if you want something different! The whole purpose for this listing is so that you can order a custom assortment of LEDs. You are not forced to buy just what I have available if there's something else you want or need. The same goes for if you just want to sample everything I have, or you are just looking for a bucket of project LEDs. Talk to me and I might send you a bonus LED or two.
Also available are flashing LEDs in certain colors. Flashing cycle is ±2 per second.
ColorWavelengthLuminous IntensityInfrared940 nm5,000 mcdRed630-635 nm5,000 mcdOrange615-620 nm5,200 mcdAmber
Lime Green
600-605 nm
575-580 nm
7,000 mcd
7,000 mcd
Green550-555 nm15,000 mcdBlue470-475 nm13,500 mcdPink~12,500 mcdPurple / UV395-40012,000 mcdCool White5500k15,000 mcdWarm White7500k15,000 mcd
These are perfect for hobbyists and engineering students. If you are looking for Project LEDs, please visit my listing here: Project LEDs - may also combine these LEDs as part of your assorted mix, just tell me when you leave a message to the seller.These LEDs are standalone devices and have no current-limiting device included with them. The user is expected to understand that these items are not light bulbs and will REQUIRE a current limiting resistor or other device to restrict the current to no more than 20 milliamps or damage will occur. Light Bulbs are resistive in nature and therefore have a set voltage value and their current is set by the voltage running through them. LEDs however are semiconductors and have no set voltage. Like most LEDs they have a forward voltage of 3 or 4 volts, but can run on any supply voltage that's higher than that, provided you also include a resistor or a pulse-width modulator with it. Resistors are cheap and provide a simple solution to your LEDs for proper illumination. But they also convert your unused voltage into heat which is wasted in the end. PWM devices are far more expensive, but allow your LED to consume all the power being provided to it with no waste, no excess heat and no damage to the components.If you need resistors, please check out my listing for resistor assortments below. These assortments are customized by you and can be any value between 1 ohm and 22-megohms. You can order 50 different values or 50 of the same value, mix and match as you see fit, just message me in the message to seller option with a list of resistor values that suit your project. If you need help or have questions about this, please contact me before you buy. I am happy to help you with your project!¼-watt (250mW, 0.25 W) resistor assortments -

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