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    RF Amplifier Module LNA Board Broadband Signal Receiver Low Noise 0.1-6000MHz


    Description:This product with wide frequency range, high gain, low noise figure.
    This product can be applied to various RF receive front-end and increases communication distance.
    Used for Short wave, FM radio, remote control receiver, such as cable TV signal amplifier need low noise rf signal amplification.
    Specifications:Size: 25*52mm
    Diameter of end: 5mm
    Color: green + gold
    Operating frequency: 0.1-2000MHz
    Amplifier gain:
    F=0.1MHz, gain=32dB
    F=500Mhz, gain=31dB
    F=1000MHz, gain=29dB
    F=1500Mhz, gain=25dB
    F=2000MHz, gain=20dB
    Maximum power output: +10dBm (10mW)
    Power supply voltage: 6-12V DC
    System impedance:50Ω
    Tips:1.When working frequency is less than 500 Mhz, it get well gain flatness, can make it less than 1dB after careful adjustment. The lower frequency the higher gain consistency.
    2.Amplifier working frequency of the lower limit is subject to input and output capacitor, the default value is 0.1uF, working to 0.1MHz. Increase the input and output capacitance. appropriately, can extend the cut-off frequency, such as 10uF capacitance can work to 5KHz.
    3.When the power supply voltage changes in 5-8V, it can be used as a variable gain amplifier, gain increases with the increase of the power supply voltage, which suitable for radio frequency receive front-end circuit, using DA control power supply voltage, to control the gain of the amplifier, automatic gain control.
    4.When the power supply voltage in the 8-10V, the low frequency end gain up to 30dB, at this time the amplifier has a low noise coefficient and good stability.
    5.When the voltage is 12V, reach maximum gain, the low frequency end gain of 32.5dB.Package Included:1PC 0.1-2000MHz RF Wideband Amplifier 30dB Low-noise LNA Broadband Module Receiver

    0.2-1500MHz 60dB

    The amplifier is based on the original 0.1-2000MHz 30dB amplifier, using two-stage cascade is made with low noise, high gain 60dB, and is suitable to detect weak signals.

    Amplifier Parameters Indicators:
    Operating frequency: 0.2-1500MHz
    Amplifier Gain: 60dB
    Maximum output power: + 10dBm (10mW) @ 1dB compression point
    Working Current: 35mA (9V)
    Supply voltage: 6-12V DC
    System Impedance: 50ohms

    The amplifier uses some tips:
    1) The amplifier at the operating frequency of less than 500MHz, has a very good gain flatness. The lower the frequency, the higher the gain consistency.
    2) The lower limit of the operating frequency of the amplifier input and output capacitors are subject to default is 0.1uF, it can work to 0.2MHz; you can increase the input and output capacitors to extend the lower frequency limit. Applications should pay attention to enhance the power supply decoupling and regulator.
    3) When the supply voltage 5-8V changes, can be used as a variable gain amplifier, the gain with the power supply voltage increases. DA control with the power supply voltage, you can control the amplifier gain, the gain adjustment.
    4) When the supply voltage is 8-10V, low-end gain of 30dB, at which point the amplifier has a low noise figure and good stability.
    5) When the voltage is 12V, maximum gain, low frequency gain up to 32.5dB.
    6) Since the amplifier gain very high (60dB), the input attention overload (Fmax = -50dBm), in use should follow the relevant principles of RF and microwave circuit layout.

    Package Included:
    1PC × 0.2-1500MHz 60dB RF Broadband Amplifier

    50-4000MHz 0.6dB

    Description:ThisRF Amplifier features low noise figure, is a LNA RF Amplifier.
    Generally used as a high frequency or intermediate frequency preamplifier for a wide range of radio receivers, as well as amplifying circuits of highly sensitive electronic detection devices.
    In the case of amplifying weak signal, the noise of the amplifier itself may be very serious, so it is hoped that this noise will be reduced to improve the signal-to-noise ratio of the output.

    LNA for the main mobile communication base station infrastructure applications, such as wireless communication transceiver card, tower mounted amplifier (TMA), combiner, Repeaters, and distal/digital wireless wide band end equipment application design.
    This RF low noise amplifier LNA is 50-4000MHz, NF = 0.6dB.

    Specifications:LNA: 50-4000MhzNF: SPF5189ZLNA0: 0.6dBAmplifier: FMSize: 34x25mm / 1.33 x1.0inchPackage Included:1PC LNA 50-4000MHz 0.6dB SPF5189 RF Amplifier

    5-6000MHz 20dB

    Description:This is a 5-6000MHz RF signal power amplifier with 20dB gain.
    It has big dynamic range and wide operating frequency range.
    The power supply voltage is 5V DC, and working current is 85mA.
    Maximum output power is +21dBm(100mW)@1dB compression point.
    It is suitable for all types of fixed gain amplification of RF signal.

    Specifications:Operating Frequency: 5--6000MHzAmplifier Gain: 20dB Max. Output Power: +21dBm(100mW)@1dB compression pointWorking Current: 85mA (5V)Power Supply Voltage: 5V DCSystem Impedance: 50ohmSize: 34*25mm / 1.33*0.98in
    In use should follow the relevant principles of RF and microwave circuit layout.
    Package Included:1PC × 5-6000MHz 20dB RF Power Amplifier

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