OMTech 40W 8 x 12in CO2 Laser Engraver Marker w/ K40+ Motherboard f. LightBurn For Sale

OMTech 40W 8 x 12in CO2 Laser Engraver Marker w/ K40+ Motherboard f. LightBurn
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OMTech 40W 8 x 12in CO2 Laser Engraver Marker w/ K40+ Motherboard f. LightBurn:


Bringyour ideas to life with OMTech's versatile desktop laser engravers!

This40W CO2 laser engraver continues to uphold our high standards with its digitalcontrol panel; bundled LaserDRW software;long-lasting laser tube; digital laser power supply; large 8 by 12 inch workingarea; red dot guidance; and the included ammeter to monitor the amount ofcurrent being used by the laser tube.

Startmarking, engraving, and etching your designs onto and into wood, paper andcardboard, plastics and acrylic, leather, fabric, and other non metallicmaterials with this 40W desktop engraver. Whether creating personal gifts,beautiful art, or a new home business, this CO2 laser system works with yourcontrol computer via the included engraving software to engrave and mark yourdesign with pinpoint precision at depths up to 1/8" (3 mm). In addition toits quality, durability, and long service life, your new laser engravingmachine is also highly practical and safe, automatically cutting power to thelaser beam if the protective cover is opened.

Accessible,versatile, and portable, you can do no better as you start your laser engravingjourney than this powerful little desktop K40 from OMTech!

Checkout our many Accessories and Parts to go along with your laser machine!


LCDControl Panel

Ourdigital control panel's LCD display offers clear monitoring of the tube'stemperature and easy adjustment during use. The helpful E-stop button bringseverything to an immediate stop when needed.

40WLaser Tube

Equippedwith a 40W laser tube with a lifespan of up to 2000 hours, this laser engraverprovides sufficient energy for engraving and marking non-metallic substrates upto ⅛″ thick.

DoubleDuty Work Surface

Equippedwith a stabilizer clamp to hold irregular-shaped objects in place and a ventedlevel board for regular-shaped products.

RedDot Guidance

Thered dot pointer quickly indicates engraving locations and marks the machine’slaser path to identify correct product positioning, helping you get startedquickly and easily.

ReliableLaser Source

Our40W laser power supply delivers excellent performance with high efficiency andfast response times. Increase the service life and get the most out of yourlaser tube with our safe, stable, and capable power supply.

EfficientExhaust System

Ourhigh-performance 4″ exhaust pipe works perfectly with our built-in fan,directing hazardous debris away from the engraving surface and into yourventilation system, enhancing your work quality and safety.

SpaciousWork Area

The8″×12″ (200×300 mm) workbed provides about 0.7 square foot of room to fit allyour projects, whether personalized gifts for friends and family or customorders for new clients.

RotaryAxis Compatible

Ourengraver comes with built-in support for standard rotary axes (not included)with 4-pin connectors. Enjoy plug and play engraving of rings, bracelets, cups,tubes, and other cylindrical surfaces.


Thetransparent acrylic window's sepia filter allows you to observe your engraverin action, as the tint blocks the laser beam and protects your eyes.


Ourammeter shows the amount of current being used by the laser tube in real timeto ensure your designs are processed perfectly and help you identify andtroubleshoot any problems during operation.


Thelaser automatically stops engraving, cutting, or marking when the workbed'scover is opened for your safety. Close the cover and press Start to resume yourwork.


TheE-Stop safety button immediately stops the machine in case of emergency.

High-PrecisionLaser Head

Theindustrial-grade laser head delivers a stable laser beam over the long servicelife of the machine, while maintaining supreme accuracy and performance.

Package Includes

1x 40W CO2 Laser Engraver

1x Water Pump

1x Maintenance Tool Set

1x Exhaust Pipe

1x USB Flash Drive (with Software)

1x Power Cord

1x Ethernet Cable

1x USB Cable

1x Ground Wire

2x Water Pipes

1x Tube of Silicone Insulation

1x Ceramic Resistor

1x Activation Key

1x Instruction Manual

Laser Tube Lifetime:

40WCO2 laser tube with an estimated lifetime of up to 2,000 operation hoursdepending on power setting usage and water cooling performance

PLEASENOTE: Frequent use of high laser power settings will shorten the laser tubelifetime as follows:

LowPower 10–40% = 1,500–2,000 Hours

ModeratePower 40–70% = 1,000–1,200 Hours

HighPower 70–100% = 400–600 Hour

Compatible Materials:

AcrylicWood Leather Plastics Fabrics Glass Rubber Cork Brick Granite Marble Tile RiverRock Bone Melamine Phenolic *Aluminum *Stainless Steel *Titanium

*CO2lasers only mark bare metals when anodized or treated.

Contactus with questions on specific materials not listed, we can process a sample forconfirmation.

SomePVC-based acrylics can create toxic fumes when lasered.


Noneed to worry! We offer a 2-year parts warranty on all machines.

6-monthwarranty on laser tube and laser power supplies




ISO9001Quality Certification

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