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Medeco Biaxial Locksport Challenge Lock | 6-Pin Cylinders & Pin Upgrade Kits for Sale - BlackBerryForums.com

Medeco Biaxial Locksport Challenge Lock | 6-Pin Cylinders & Pin Upgrade Kits For Sale

Medeco Biaxial Locksport Challenge Lock | 6-Pin Cylinders & Pin Upgrade Kits
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Medeco Biaxial Locksport Challenge Lock | 6-Pin Cylinders & Pin Upgrade Kits:

As a locksport enthusiast, I'd imagine that you'll eventually want something new and different to challenge your skills. Enter the Medeco family of locks, featuring pins that rotate!

A couple of quick note(s):

  • The Re-Pin Kits are meant to be ordered witha lock.I'll make sure the new pins and key fit and work smoothly in your cylinder. It'll be up to you to re-pin your lock, so make sure you're comfortable with that before ordering a set. (This is easier to do with a mortise - message me to make sure I have them if this is a requirement.) Can you order a Re-Pin Kit without a matching lock? Yeah, I can't stop you, but I also can't accept any requests for keyways or bitting since I have no way of ensuring they'll work. If you don't care about the key and just want the extra pins, though, go for it!
  • This is the 6-Pin version
  • This listing is for a singlelock (or re-pin kit) that will be randomin terms of look and feel, bitting, etc. other than the difficulty level. If you have a preference (mortise vs KIK, bitting pattern, or anything else,) I am happy to try to get you hooked up, but I cannot guarantee that I'll have what you want. I pick up what I can get, so the supply itself is inherently random.
  • is great, but it doesn't have a good way to add options/variations for things like this. I'm trying to offer locks that are as customizable as possible with as many additional options as possible, but without making the listings so complicated that buying the lock is harder than opening it (even without the key!) What that means for you: 1. If I'm out of the difficulty or variety of lock you're looking for, send me a message - I can easily adjust difficulty and update the listing and sometimesI can find locks that I'm out of. (Heavy emphasis on sometimesbecause wow, locks are weirdly scarce and expensive these days.)
  • If you have a question, suggestion, or other response... Shoot me a message! I like hearing what you think, what else you'd like to see, and what I can improve!
  • Everything in the same order ships for one price - (or me, I dunno,) constantly get's this wrong though. I'll refund you the difference if it charges you extra.
  • The 10-day handling is to cover me in case things go wrong on my end, like a broken cutting wheel on my key machine (ask me how I know...) I'm usually pretty good about getting things out within the same week, and rarely take more than a few days. As a reminder - I really do hand-pin these to order. As much as I wish I had a bin full of locks ready to go, I don't!

These Medeco cylinders are all of the Biaxial flavor (notOriginal, M3, M4, or X4) - they have pins that must be lifted to a specific height as well as rotated to allow a sidebar to engage for the lock to open. They are newer than the Medeco Originals (non-Biaxial) meaning that the "wedge" point of the pin is not centered; It is biased either towards the front or the back of the lock. (In layman's terms, instead of being sharpened like a pencil, with the point in the middle, they are like a rod that has been ninja-sliced to have a single "face." I hope that helps?) Unlike the M3s and M4s, they don't have the additional slider or interactive elements. (If you're not sure what that means, don't worry about it!)

These locks used to live and work somewhere else, but since coming into my ownership they have been disassembled, cleaned, and readied for a new life as a challenge lock. All of the guts are new or like-new, genuine Medeco (or maybe LAB) parts, and are checked by me for smooth and expected functionality before they get to you.

Challenge Levels:This section has been updated as of April 2024

Normal-By default these are built with a small number of security pins that generally matches what you'd find in a factory lock and "good" bitting (which I realize is subjective, and I suppose you just have to trust me on this one, but I promise I'm genuinely doing my best to make these solid, functional locks.) If you're looking for something super entry-level OR want something more difficult but not quite "Extreme" - Add a note when you purchase and let me know, I can adjust these up or down as needed by adding/removing security pins, or choosing bitting that better matches your skill level.

The Normal Re-Pin Kit comes with 6 standard key-pins and 6 drivers (typically 2 or 3 security drivers, message me if you're want this more or less difficult.) I'm not including springs by default, but can send some if you ask nicely! It will also come with a matching key that fits the lock in the same order.

Extreme- Right off the bat these cylinders break the rules, and are meant as truechallenge locks. Locks in this category have two main differences fromNormallocks:

1. Much more aggressive bitting that likely won't adhere to the MACS rules (basically very high and very low cuts next to each other.) I try not to be toopredictable with my choices (Oh look, a 6 cut on pin 1, how clever...) and I have some tricks up my sleeve to make these as tough as possible.

2. Most of, if not all, the pins will be security pins.

Additionally, I can usually increase difficulty by modifying the pins and/or core. If you're looking for something really wild then just add a note when you purchase or shoot me a message!

The Extreme Re-Pin Kit comes with6 key-pins and 6 drivers that are meant to be extra challenging. (For the same reasons mentioned above, I can't guarantee that every single pinwill be a security pin, but I'm also not trying to rip you off - you'll probably have a couple of standard pins, but the vast majority of them will be security pins and I'll choose bitting that ensures an "extreme" rating!) Same thing here: I'm not including springs by default, but can send some if you ask nicely! It will also come with a matching key that fits the lock in the same order.

Some additional context:Almost all Medeco pins have at leastsomeadditional security, so even in a lower-difficulty lock you'll likely hit a false sidebar groove on a few pins, but you will NOT see key pin serrations, mushroom drivers, and things like that. Similarly, some pins are particularly rare when it comes toextra security (like size 1 and 2 key pins, which exist but are uncommon in my collection at least.) This is a good reminder that I'm just a dude who likes making locks, so while I try to buy as much fun stuff as I can, I don't have an official Medeco supplier or an enormous bank account, so I'm doing the best with what I've got!

Custom Pinning/Bitting:

I can usually custom pin cylinders, but not always. If you'd like this, just ask - I can't promise it (keys are expensive and take a while to get,) - but I will do my best if you have a specific request.

Other FAQs and Whatnot:

Can I have a specific lock from the photos?Ask, but I can't guarantee a specific lock. I don't have a specific supply, so what's available varies in style, type, and keyway. I choose them at random for each order based on the pinning requested.

Can I request a particular Medeco keyway?Also no, not really, and for pretty much the same reasons. Feel free to mention if you're looking for one, and if I have it I can certainly send it, but my supply is random and based on what I can find and fix without breaking the bank. I wish I could stock all the keyways, but you guys need to buy a LOT more locks before I can reach that point :)

Will such and such key work with this lock?Almost certainly not. Medeco has tons and tons of keyways, most of which are regional, protected, project specific, limited, or some other weird complicating factor, and a lot of it isn't really well publiclydocumented (and/or I don't have time to learn it.) If you get a random Medeco lock and a random Medeco key, there is about the same chance of them even fitting together as you winning the lottery, unfortunately.

Can you do X, Y, or Z?Maybe? If you have a request, just ask! I can't make any promises, but I'm always willing to try.

Happy Picking!

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