HP 70001A Mainframe and 70340A Signal Generator 1GHz - 20GHz (Qty. 2) For Sale

HP 70001A Mainframe and 70340A Signal Generator 1GHz - 20GHz (Qty. 2)

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HP 70001A Mainframe and 70340A Signal Generator 1GHz - 20GHz (Qty. 2):

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HP 70004A Color System Display Mainframe and 70340A Microwave Synthesizer Signal Generator 1GHz - 20GHz (Qty. 2) Serial No: 3801A10741Serial No: 3339A00541Serial No: 3339A00951

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Manufacturer Description:

The Agilent 70001A system mainframe provides the structural environment for MMS plug-in modules as well as cooling, power, and digital communication interface buses (MSIB and GPIB). It has eight slots available for single or multiple-slot modules. It is compatible with standard EIA racks, and its integral bails and handles make benchtop use easier. The mainframe has good EMC performance and rugged structural design, making it suitable for sensitive measurements in tough industrial environments. The modular system interface bus (MSIB) provides high speed digital communication between MMS instruments, modules, and displays connected in the same system. The MSIB allows simultaneous communication between all modules on the bus. The Agilent interface bus (GPIB) is used to provide computer control and communication between MMS instruments and other GPIB instruments, including VXIbus products.Features:

  • System mainframe for MMS plug-in modules
  • MSIB and GPIB high-speed digital communication
  • Excellent EMC performance
  • Easy system configuration
  • Forced-air cooling system

The Agilent 70340A is a 1 to 20 GHz synthesizer in a 4-slot MMS module. With <-55 dBc harmonics and <-60 dBc spurious, and optional 1 Hz frequency resolution, the Agilent 70340A is a smart choice for ATE systems. Because fundamental oscillators are used, no subharmonics are generated. Accurate internal leveling provides ±0.5dB flatness at the RF output. Accurate leveled power can also be extended to distant test ports using a power meter and the built-in level correction. Modulation includes pulse, FM, and log AM. High fidelity pulses are created with <10 ns rise and fall time. An optional built-in pulse generator can be used with variable pulse rates, widths, and delays. Combining pulse modulation with log AM allows realistic simulation of antenna scanning patterns. For frequency coverage from 10 MHz to 20 GHz, the Agilent 70340A can be combined with the Agilent 70341A frequency extension module.Features:

  • 4-slot MMS module
  • 1-20 GHz frequency range, extends to 10 MHz with Agilent 70341A
  • +13 dBm power out
  • Optional step attenuator
  • <-55 dBc harmonics, <-60 dBc spurious
  • User level correction at remote test ports
  • Pulse, FM, log AM modulation, and optional pulse generator

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