ESAOTE LA523 Ultrasound Transducer Aloka Cannon Untested For Sale

ESAOTE LA523 Ultrasound Transducer Aloka Cannon Untested

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ESAOTE LA523 Ultrasound Transducer Aloka Cannon Untested:

ESAOTE LA523 Ultrasound Transducer Untested.

Price is for ONE (1) probe, if you want to purchase more than ONE (1) send me an offer and I’ll combine shipping to save you some money. Any reasonable offer is accepted!

Pre-owned unit, in good physical condition. Untested as I don’t have the equipment to test this probe properly, removed from a working ultrasound. You will only receive the item in the picture, no accessories are provided in this sale. Please refer to the pictures of the item/items to evaluate the use by or sell by date before purchasing. If listing has a “(X)” in the title or header the unit is past its use by date indicated by the manufacturer.

Unit was recently retired from a hospital environment. All items come as shown. If it is included in this listing, it's shown in the photos. Please check the item carefully. No exchange necessary, simply buy this new item and dispose of your old unit properly according to your local laws and ordinances.

FOR ADDITIONAL MEDICAL EQUIPMENT AND DEVICES NOT AVAILABLE ON AT A DISCOUNTED PRICE WITHOUT FEES AND FREE SHIPPING, please send me an e-mail at: self med equip (all one word lowercase) at gmail and I will be happy to show you all the bulk, overstock and additional items I have to offer.


We cannot guarantee that this part will fit your application, only an authorized dealership can do that. We have listed all model information that we have available. We strive to provide all information that we have on hand and do our best to describe and photograph every part. Please make sure that this is the correct part that you need BEFORE you buy. The best way to do this is to call a dealership and have them verify that this is the appropriate part number for your application. We are not responsible for and will not offer ANY RETURNS for items purchased that do not fit, the wrong item was purchased or buyers remorse. Once the item is purchased you have until the item ships to cancel the order, if the item has already shipped the item is yours. We will under no circumstance approve any returns, refunds, partial refunds or credit for any item purchased that meets the above criteria.


All items sold as “used” are considered fully functional and free from any major cosmetic or visual damage to the item. The item will have normal wear and tear from previous use such as small scratches, dings and/or cracks, faded paint or plastic parts, missing 1 or more rubber feet, missing/faded/hard to read labels and may have concealed damage not visible from the exterior inspection. Any obvious or major damage will be annotated in the description of the unit, used items generally do not come with any accessories or power cables unless it is annotated in the item’s description as such. All used items are sold AS IS, no exceptions. As always, any used item purchased anywhere needs to be evaluated for safety and functionality by the BUYERS organization BEFORE PLACING THE ITEM INTO SERVICE. Items sold are to be considered as “NOT FOR HUMAN USE” or for “DEMONSTRATION OR EDUCATIONAL USE ONLY” after the sale and before the BUYERS organization has the item properly function tested, safety inspected and visually inspected. ANY item/items with “sell by,” “use by,” or “expiration dates” will have this annotated in the listing, any item that is past the “sell by,” “use by,” or “expiration date,” should be considered as “NOT FOR HUMAN USE” and “FOR DEMONSTRATION OR EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES “ only.


Payment of the item needs to be received by me within 48 hours of purchasing the item. After 48 hours a unpaid item case is automatically opened. If you haven’t made or contacted me to arrange payment details within five (5) days of purchasing the item, the sale will be canceled and the item will be relisted. These are a very popular item on and I cannot deny a sale to a potential customer while I wait for payment to be received. This is all managed automatically via , including sending payment reminders so please do not get upset if you have not paid and get sent payment reminders.


The overwhelming majority of what we sell is surplus from large companies or governments. If we say the item works, then it was tested to the best of our ability. All items and contents are described to the best of our ability. We examine all items and supply all available make/model information. We will try to answer all questions in a timely manner.


Your item will ship via USPS priority mail with a tracking # to the address that is provided to me by and PayPal. I WILL NOT under any circumstances ship the item to any other address you provide me. If this is a issue please contact me so we can resolve this before I ship the item. If you pay for your item before 4:00 P.M. CST your item is guaranteed to ship the same day. We are one of the fastest shippers on . Free shipping only for the continental US.

NO SURGICAL ITEMS ARE ELIGIBLE FOR INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING, if you are a international customer and would like to purchase a item from me you must have a address within the continental United States. I have had nothing but issues with and customers when it comes to international shipping policies.

Buyers are responsible for all customs charges inclusive of any and all taxes and duties. Please be sure that the item that you are purchasing can be imported into your country. Shipper is not responsible for any delays once the package leaves our facility.

The majority of the items I sell are not eligible for free shipping, please check the shipping portion of the listing to get a rough estimate of what the cost will be, if you buy in bulk and the price is above what is reasonable contact me and we can work out a shipping discount and I will send you an invoice via or refund you a portion of the cost of shipping.



DISCLAIMER/WAIVER OF LIABILITY: Regardless of the origin of the equipment, documentation provided or identification appearing upon the equipment, the equipment described and offered here is in no way certified for, recommended for, or offered for any specific use. The purchaser agrees that the seller shall not be held responsible or liable for any injuries or damages, whether incidental or consequential, associated in any way with the equipment. The purchaser, by offerding on this equipment, indicates their acknowledgment of, and agreement to the terms of this item before shipping of the item.


The following information must be included in the item description:

* The seller's name, city, state, and telephone number

* The seller's business name, if applicable

* A statement that the item has been cleaned and handled in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions

Sellers Name: Cody Self

Sellers Location: Joshua, Texas

Sellers Telephone #: *no reason to put this information as removes it anyways* (I do not answer unknown phone calls please text me with any questions and before you call me or I will miss your call)

No Business name is associated with this seller. Neither the seller or anyone affiliated with this username on is an authorized reseller of any of the equipment, items or units sold.

All items sold under this account have been cleaned/disinfected/sterilized according to manufacturer specification located in the units/devices service literature before being sold. However all devices should be properly cleaned/disinfected/sterilized before going into service, consult the manufacturer service literature for the process required for cleaning/disinfecting/sterilizing. Any items sold in sterilization pouches/packs/BOVIES should be carefully inspected when they are received by the buyer of the item. Unless stated as “unopened” in the item listing, do not assume any item is sterile or unopened.


Due to the nature of the items sold, there are absolutely under any circumstances NO returns or warranty. Any returns requested for any item will be denied for any other circumstance other than “not as described.” This pertains only to items that are described as “working and fully functional.” This can be easily seen in the listing by looking for the term “Biomed Tested” in the header of the listing. All items that have been inspected and signed off on as working and fully functional by a licensed Biomedical Engineer will have this annotated in the listing header. IF THIS ISN’T IN THE LISTING DO NOT ASSUME THE ITEM WORKS and view the listing for further details on the item.

We specialize in selling bulk, overstock, surplus and used medical equipment. The customers that we deal with should all be licensed professionals that know what they are looking for and what the item is.

 If you have an issue with your item, please contact us and we will do our best to resolve the issue.

** an asterisk in the listing header is just an indication for distinction between certain items and who owns that item and is in no way anything other than that.

Check out my other item!!

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