Digital Power Meter Tester Type-C USB Multimeter Current Voltage Monitor Tester For Sale

Digital Power Meter Tester Type-C USB Multimeter Current Voltage Monitor Tester
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Digital Power Meter Tester Type-C USB Multimeter Current Voltage Monitor Tester:

USB Color Display Tester can monitor Voltage, Current, Capacity, Electric Quanity, Power,Temperature,Load Impedance, D+/D- Voltage, Charging Time and other data of USB, and supports Qualcomm QC3.0 compatible QC2.0, Bc1.2, and Apple 2.4A and other protocol quick charging voltage ranges, support OTG fucntion.8192 Pixel TFT Color Display ,Two in one measurement of USB and Type C.Timed charging sound reminder and full charge sound reminder.When the power is > 0.5W, the time will be calculated!Excellent appearance and color display data make the tester more personalized.Connect the android phone by via bluetooth, check the charging status at any time on the phone, monitor the charging data in real time when charging and protect the phone intelligently.
Digital Power Meter Tester Type-C USB Multimeter Current Voltage Monitor TesterUSB Tester Voltage Power Meter - Type C Power Tester USB Digital Tester Multimeter USB C Power Monitor USB Amp Volt Meter USB Ammeter Voltmeter USB C Watt Meter DC 3.3-30V/0-5.1A About this item
  • Detect various fast charging protocols: The tester supports Qualcomm QC2.0/3.0/4.0 Huawei FCP, SCP, Samsung, APPLE fast charging detection to meet the needs of various mobile phone users, and supports electrical signal monitoring during PD3.0/2.0 fast charging protocol, to meet various the needs of mobile phone users
  • Upgraded multi-function tester: Check your phone's battery capacity and charging cable, charging speed and quality of your data cable. It can also be used to find the highest current of the wireless charger, test the capacity and power of the mobile power supply, and support the function of automatic data saving after power failure
  • Professional safety protection: The usb tester has overvoltage protection, overcurrent protection, undervoltage protection, low energy protection and a high temperature alarm system over 45 degrees. This upgraded USB Type C tester detects security and maximizes device protection from damage.You can monitor voltage and current and troubleshoot maintenance for your electronic products to protect your equipment
  • A variety of color screen display modes: The new upgraded version provides 12 LCD main color screen display interfaces, and the button switches the display interface. Through the new interface settings, support OTG function, monitor the voltage, current, capacity, power, power, load impedance, D+/D- voltage and other data of USB or type c-supported devices
  • After-sales service: We have a strong after-sales service team. As long as you have any questions about the product, we will solve your problem as soon as we receive your email. If you have received a defective USB tester or have any questions, please contact us first for a valid warranty and replacement service. We offer Please click "MakerHawk-US" and click how to email us "Ask a question" to email us, looking forward to your inquiry, we will reply you within 24 hours

Product Description USB Tester Type C Power Meter The voltage, current, power, capacity and other electrical performance indicators under the USB interface can be tested

1. Test the charger: the corresponding charger parameters are marked out, with the load to test its maximum output current to determine the good or bad.

2. Test the quality of the data line: In the case of the same mobile phone and charger, use this tester to test the current of different data lines to determine which data line charges faster, and the data line with higher current charges faster.

3. Test the power bank: When the power bank is fully charged, you can get how much mAh capacity the power bank can hold when it is quickly discharged with the load.

4. Mobile phone fast charging protocol support parameters table: This tester internal protocol and data line is bypass, mobile phone fast charging actual charging how much the tester shows how much, will not make changes to the original fast charging. You can see the actual use of the user through the fast charging pictures in the comments.

5. Support for automatic power failure data saving function.

Test the charging speed and quality of your USB cable

1. Under the condition of constant power supply and load, replace different data cables. The U meter shows that the higher the current is, the better the quality of the data cable and the faster the charging speed.

2. Under the condition of constant power supply and load, replace different data lines. The tester shows that the higher the voltage, the smaller the voltage drop of the data line and the better the quality.

Test mobile power test capacity and power

1. First fully charge the power bank, then plug in the tester, and then reset the capacity and power by pressing the button.

2. Then plug in the electronic load on the connection diagram or the mobile phone and start to discharge the power bank until the power of the power bank is exhausted. After the power is automatically cut off to save the data, the tester can read the accumulated capacity and power value when it is powered on again. , this is the approximate value of the capacity and power of this power bank.

Test the maximum output current method of the charger

1. Change the load size to increase the current and reduce the voltage to the nominal voltage of the charger at the moment, the current value at this time is the maximum current value that the charger can output;

2. Then change the load to the nominal current value of the charger for discharge and aging for 2~6 hours. During the aging process, the current and voltage are stable, and the temperature of the charger is also less than about 50 degrees, indicating that the nominal current of the charger is in line with reality and there is no false On the contrary, if the voltage drops, the current value difference is too large or the temperature is too high, it is a false standard of the tested charger current, and the quality is inferior. This method is also suitable for all USB interface output current test and judgment methods.

Key operation screen switching instructions

  • (1) One click - change the screen display ( minimum time interval is 1S, and the current charging data can be saved.)
  • (2) Quick double clicks - capacity reset to zero (0mAh)
  • (3) Quickly click three times in a row - the electric energy is reset to zero (0Wh)
  • (4)Quick four consecutive clicks - timer reset to zero(00:00:00)
  • (5) Quick click five times in a row to increase the data group number (NO.01~10)
  • (6) Long press the button to reset the capacity, power and time all to zero (0mAh, 0Wh, 0Tme)
  • (7) When in the screen flip interface, long press the button to flip the screen
  • (8) When in the black screen interface, long press the button to enter the background mode for manual 5V voltage calibration and current to zero calibration
  • (9)In the voltage and current prompt setting interface, double-click the button to add 0.1 to the data upwards, triple-click the button to subtract 0.1 to the data downwards, long press the button to keep adding or subtracting the tip: No load current display 0.01 or 0.02, switch to the black screen interface, button long press at this time will enter the background mode, then button short press once to the second column(No Load Cur: ), at this time the output is not connected to any load, and then button long press for current zeroing calibration to ensure that the current can be displayed close to 0.000A after zeroing at no load, so that the current measurement is more accurate after the you doubt your tester is accurate:
  • Solution: plug in the OTG interface for self-checking, connect the charger and the USB tester to display 5V, and the tester can work, indicating that the product is no problem. When verifying this method, pay attention to the positive and negative insertion of the TYPE-C port.
  • If your device keeps restarting:
  • Solution: The USB tester keeps restarting. When verifying the problem point, the charger can only be connected to the tester to determine whether it is a tester problem or a device connection problem.
  • When you use the typec interface:
  • Solution: When using TYPE-C port for USB test, the charger must be in charging mode
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