Computer Based Andon Alert Signal Manufacturing Software Application For Sale

Computer Based Andon Alert Signal Manufacturing Software Application
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Computer Based Andon Alert Signal Manufacturing Software Application:

>>>> 100% Computer Based Andon Signal Software <<<<
Hello, my name is Mike. I have been in the Aerospace Industry for over 25 years. During that time, I have been through just about every possible manufacturing process improvement project based on Computer and Analog signals. Over the last 5 years, I have put my Heart & Soul into creating applications for the Manufacturing Environments. Please keep reading to find out more about Andon Signal Applications that I offer...What is Andon? Andon Signals are largely used in Manufacturing, and have been used by many large scale companies around the world to assist with production demands in a timely manner. The most basic idea of Andon Signals is simply switching on a RED notification light on a standard Andon Light Tower. This visual and/or audible signal allows support staff to see or hear when there is a problem in the factory. Because basic Andon Signal Towers can be difficult to see and do not provide any 'Smart' notifications, I have taken the concept much further with my very simple to use software applications. It eliminates the need for special Andon towers that need to be installed, wired and placed in critical spaces in order to see them. It also allows many signal options for the right people to be notified.Why do I need Andon Signals? Well, to put it simply. Your company needs to produce profits, right? You want to be efficient, right? Having proper Andon Signals will help you with this and so much more. It allows your Employees to be where they are needed in order to be productive without walking around the building looking for the support personnel they need. It makes their job simple, they click a button on the screen and the appropriate people get notified. We are living in a very metric driven world today to ensure that management has good visibility to the needs of the business. Proper Andon Signals will allow you to produce the required Metrics your company needs to be successful.What can Andon do for you? Andon can help with so many variations of manufacturing environments. But it doesn't stop there. What if you work in a large office environment and you simply find out there is a printer/copier down that is critical when needing to print documents? My software makes it as easy as clicking the "Floor 2 Office Printer" Andon signal, and support gets notified via email and people come running. (Ok, maybe they aren't supposed to be running in the halls). At this point, the Andon Viewer Dashboard blinks its configured color and remains that way until the problem has been resolved. ** A nice feature - There is also time tracking going on in the background for managers/supervisors to verify response times to these signals.
What is the typical setup time? My application is SO EASY to setup and use that you can actually be ready to start tracking in about 20-30 minutes. The application is 100% computer based and relies only on a network location to operate. The application is stand-alone and does not require special installation. It can be used, configured, viewed from any computer that is running (Microsoft Windows 7, 10 or 11). You simply choose a "Master Viewer" location, which is typically a support area (Manager, Supervisor, Technical Support etc.) After that, you choose the "Control Area" where the signals will be sent from (Work Station, Machine, Production Area etc.) After that, you enter in some email addresses, setup titles for the viewer and you are off and running. How can I get more information? Please feel free to contact me here on and I will be excited to provide you with additional information on how my applications CAN and WILL work for your environment. I keep my costs very low compared to other systems on the market today. Typical systems will cost you over $3,000 just to get you started. I don't have large overhead costs, so my time in creating amazing software applications is where your dollars are going and nowhere else. You cannot beat $499 to get setup and I can personally give you a "100% GUARANTEE" on that. My application and customizing is very cheap based on your needs and is always a flat one time fee. I have no hidden costs. There are no subscriptions to signup for. When you purchase the application, you own it for life. My software support is FREE for 30 days to make absolute certain that you are fully up and running. You will NEVER be left without support. Please feel free to contact me for additional information. It would be an honor to help you with your Andon Signal needs. The attached screenshots show just a small preview of what the typical application looks like.

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