Beagleboard x-15 Breakout Board (assembled)  ~ Arduino ~ beaglebone black For Sale

Beagleboard x-15 Breakout Board (assembled)  ~ Arduino ~ beaglebone black
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Beagleboard x-15 Breakout Board (assembled)  ~ Arduino ~ beaglebone black:

~~~~ Breakout Board, with header and screw terminals installed ~~~~
For the Beagleboard x-15 single-board-computer .
Cost = $400.00sale is for: Breakout board with twenty-four, twelve position signal and general
terminals, four, sixty pin female header connectors for connecting to
a texas instruments x-15 single board computer and four, tweleve
position power/ground terminals.Board Specs: Serial # 000812 - 000818
Width = 5.8\" Height = 4.63\"
Thickness = 0.63\"
Layers = 4
Tracks = 508
Holes = 493
Pads = 240
Mounting Hole size = 0.190\"
* 34 impedence balanced track pairs for high speed signal processing.
* 61 gpio screw terminals
* 41 ground screw terminals
* 7 spi screw terminals for one channel
* 4 uart screw terminals for two channels
* 2 i2c screw terminals for on channel
* 8 pcie screw terminals
* 5 sata screw terminals
* 2 edc screw terminals
* 4 master control screw terminals
* 12 3.3v screw terminals
* 12 5v screw terminals
* 12 12v screw terminals
* 12 ground screw terminals Impedence balanced pairs Listed below:
P19-11(AF1 mux-12 pr1_pru0_gpi13) and P19-12(AE2 mux-13 pr1_pru0_gpo17)
P19-14(AH4 mux-12 pr1_pru0_gpi4) and P19-15(AG4 mux-13 pr1_pru0_gpo5)
P19-39(AE1 mux-12 pr1_pru0_gpi16) and P19-40(AD2 mux-13 pr1_pru0_gpo19)
P19-45(AH3 mux-12 pr1_pru0_gpi1) and P19-46(AG3 mux-13 pr1_pru0_gpo7)
P19-52(AH6 mux-12 pr1_pru0_gpi0) and P19-53(AG6 mux-13 pr1_pru0_gpo3) P18-3(G12 mux-12 pr2_pru1_gpi8) and P18-4(F12 mux-13 pr2_pru1_gpo9)
P18-6(F6 mux-12 pr1_pru1_gpi8) and P18-7(E6 mux-13 pr1_pru1_gpo6)
P18-8(F4 mux-12 pr1_pru1_gpi2) and P18-13(D2 mux-13 pr1_pru1_gpo1)
P18-14(C7 mux-12 pr2_pru0_gpi12) and P18-15(C6 mux-13 pr2_pru0_gpo10)
P18-16(D7 mux-12 pr2_pru0_gpi7) and P18-17(C8 mux-13 pr2_pru0_gpo11)
P18-18(D8 mux-12 pr2_pru0_gpi8) and P18-19(C9 mux-13 pr2_pru0_gpo17)
P18-20(A5 mux-12 pr2_pru0_gpi9) and P18-21(A7 mux-13 pr2_pru0_gpo15)
P18-22(A8 mux-12 pr2_pru0_gpi16) and P18-23(mux-13 pr2_pru0_gpo18)
P18-24(A10 mux-12 pr2_pru0_gpi20) and P18-26(G11 mux-13 pr2_pru0_gpo0)
P18-28(E11 mux-12 pr2_pru1_gpi17) and P18-29(Y1 mux-13 pr2_pru1_gpo4)
P18-38(F5 mux-12 pr1_pru1_gpi5) and P18-39(E4 mux-13 pr1_pru1_gpo4)
P18-42(E2 mux-12 pr1_pru1_gpi0) and P18-43(C1 mux-13 pr1_pru1_gpo3)
P18-45(F8 mux-12 pr2_pru0_gpi3) and P18-46(E7 mux-13 pr2_pru0_gpo4)
P18-47(E8 mux-12 pr2_pru0_gpi5) and P18-48(E9 mux-13 pr2_pru0_gpo1)
P18-49(F9 mux-12 pr2_pru0_gpi2) and P18-50(B7 mux-13 pr2_pru0_gpo13)
P18-51(B8 mux-12 pr2_pru0_gpi14) and P18-52(B9 mux-13 pr2_pru0_gpo19)
P18-54(F10 mux-12 pr2_pru1_gpi20) and P18-55(G10 mux-13 pr2_pru1_gpo19) P17-3(AB4 mux-12 pr2_pru0_gpi1) and P17-4(AC4 mux-13 pr2_pru0_gpo3)
P17-5(AC5 mux-12 pr2_pru0_gpi0) and P17-6(AB5 mux-13 pr2_pru0_gpo11)
P17-7(AC7 mux-12 pr2_pru0_gpi4) and P17-8(AC9 mux-13 pr2_pru0_gpo6)
P17-9(AB9 mux-12 pr2_pru1_gpi2) and P17-10(AA3 mux_13 pr2_pru1_gpo1)
P17-18(C15 mux-12 pr2_pru0_gpi16) and P17-19(F14 mux-13 pr2_pru0_gpo20)
P17-21(A19 mux-12 pr2_pru0_gpi18) and P17-22(A16 mux-13 pr2_pru0_gpo17)
P17-33(AC3 mux-13 pr2_pru0_gpo7) and P17-34(AD4 mux-12 pr2_pru0_gpi2)
P17-35(AD6 mux-13 pr2_pru0_gpo9) and P17-36(AC6 mux-12 pr2_pru0_gpi5)
P17-37(AC8 mux-13 pr2_pru0_gpo8) and P17-38(AB8 mux-12 pr2_pru0_gpi10)
P17-39(AA4 mux-13 pr2_pru1_gpo4) and P17-40(AB3 mux-12 pr2_pru1_gpi3)
P17-48(G14 mux-12 pr2_pru1_gpi16) and P17-49(A13 mux-13 pr2_pru1_gpo15) P16-33(B13 mux-12 pr2_pru1_gpi12) and P16-34(B12 mux-13 pr2_pru1_gpo10)
Terminal Specs: On shore technology inc. 12 position screw terminals
Number of terminals = 24
Nominal voltage rating = 150v at 6amps
Screw thread = M1.6
Pitch = 2.54mm Header Specs: Hirose Electric Co. Ltd 60 position surface mount and 6 power through hole
pcb to single board computer connectors
Number of connectors = 4
Nominal signal voltage rating = 100v ac
Nominal power voltage rating = 100v ac
Nominal signal amperage rating = 0.5amp
Nominal power amperage rating = 3amp
Height = 11.45mm
Width = 35.9mm
Signal lead pitch = 0.8mm

American made breakout board and components. No china based materials
used in this design. This breakout board mounts directly to your project
so all wiring can stay in place and be easily connected with labeled screw
terminals. Therefore the texas instruments x-15 single board computer can
be removed without desturbing any of the connections. Clearence between
the board and x-15 is about 1\" facilitating room for cooling.
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