BaggiesSince1987 - 1515 GIRLY DESIGN Zip Bags METALLIC PRINT, READ DETAIL D80~90 For Sale

BaggiesSince1987 - 1515 GIRLY DESIGN Zip Bags METALLIC PRINT, READ DETAIL D80~90
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BaggiesSince1987 - 1515 GIRLY DESIGN Zip Bags METALLIC PRINT, READ DETAIL D80~90:


1515( 1.5\" X 1.5\" )3MIL -100Pieces - Girly Design Zip Bags Metallic Printed

No.4(D80~90)Thisis a Variation Listing / 12 Options Covers All Available Design

3MIL (3.0 Millimeter Grade Thickness) Heavy Sturdy Bags

WeGuaranteed For Your Every Penny Well Spent

AvailableDesign to Choose: 1.Best/goldon green2.Best/goldon blue3.Best/2color mix4.Blue#1 on silver5.#1Choice/red on silver6.MoneyChaser on blue7.IceCream8.Chocolateon silver9.Kisseson silver10.HeavyDoll/pink on silver11.HeavyDoll/purple on silver12.HeavyDoll/2 color mix13.Ballet/blackon silver14.Ballet/hotpink on silver15.Ballet/2color mix16.BullDog on silver17.Dolphinon silver18.Eagleon silver19.Lionon silver20.Owlon silver21.Pandaon silver22.Panther/pinkon silver23.Panther/blackon silver24.Panther/2color mix25.Diceon silver26.GreenStar on silver27.BlueStar on silver28.BunnyKissessilver on black29.BunnyKissessilver on pearl red30.BunnyKisses/2color mix31.Bunnyon Mauve32.Bunnyin black on silver33.Bunnyin black on pearl red34.Bunny-Choosecolor or mix35.ElChapo/gold on black36.ElChapo/gold on pearl red37.ElChapo/2 color mix41.Marker/blackon silver42.Marker/redon silver43.Marker/blueon silver44.Marker/3color mix45.CC/blueon baby purple46.CC/goldon black47.CC/blackon silver48.CC/3color mix49.BatHero/goldon black50.BatHero/blackon pearl red51.BatHero/blackon pearl green52.BatHero/blackon silver53.BatHero/4color black57.PuffBoy/gold on pearl red58.PuffBoy/2 color mix59.RedDevil on silver60.Skull/silveron hot pink61.Skull/silveron pearl blue62.Skull/whiteon silver63.Skull/goldon black64.Skull/whiteon pearl blue65.DeathKiss/rose red on silver66.Skullw/text/silver on black67.Skullw/text/gold on black68.Skullw/text 2 color mix69.Skullw/text/black on silver70.Smoker/goldon green71.Smoker/goldon black72.Smoker/blackon silver73.Smoker/3color mix74.WeedsLeaf/whiteon black75.WeedsLeaf/blackon pearl yellow76.WeedsLeaf/blackon silver77.WeedsLeaf/goldon black78.WeedsLeaf/greenon Neon yellow79.WeedsLeaf/Choosecolor & mix80.SweetHeart/redon silver81.SweetHeart/blackon silver82.SweetHeart/babypink on silver83.SweetHeart/blackon pearl green84.SweetHeart/blackon pearl hot pink85.SweetHeart/choose& mix86.StayHigh on red87.Witch/silveron purple88.Witch/purpleon silver89.Witch/2color mix90.SortingHat/silver91.SunnyFaceon silver92.SuperBoy/orangeon silver93.SuperBoy/blueon silver

Las cosas se vuelven muy caras y, para ahorrar el costo de nuestra tienda , eliminaremos todas las listas de DISEÑO ÚNICO en breve. Por lo tanto, le informamos que siempre compre bolsasde diseño 1515de los siguientes5 listados de variaciones. Y para alentar al comprador a usar estos 5 enlaces, ofrecemos un mayor descuento en todos los listados de variaciones. Estos 5 listados de variaciones cubren los 78 diseños de 1515 y siempre se actualizarán una vez que se ponga un nuevo diseño en el mercado

Things become very expensive, and in order to save our \'s Store cost, we will knock down all SINGLE DESIGN listing shortly. Therefore, we are informing you, please always purchase1515 design bagsfrom the following5 variation listings.And in order to encourage shopper to use these 5 links, we offer bigger discount on all variation listings. These 5 variation listings covers all 78 designs of 1515 and they will always be updated once a new design is put on the market

Following Links covered all our existed listings of 1515 Design Zip Bags

50 Design Mixed 100Pieces align=\"CENTER\" style=\"font-size: 14pt;\">30 Design Mixed 300Pieces/$22.50.... align=\"CENTER\" style=\"font-size: 14pt;\">50 Design Mixed 500Pieces/$32.50... align=\"CENTER\" style=\"font-size: 14pt;\">50 Design Mixed 1000Pieces/$51.50... align=\"CENTER\" style=\"font-size: 14pt; margin-bottom: 0in;\">*ImportantKnowledge About Thickness: 3 MIL is 44% Thicker Heavier Than2MIL

*Bagssold by different sellers through internet NOT INDICATED thicknessare mostly 2 MIL

TUCKN\' PAK INTERNATIONAL LLC – dba:VbagPackaging Supply

ID:vbagpackaging Our align=\"CENTER\" style=\"font-size: 14pt; margin-bottom: 0in;\">

We are themanufacturer of BaggiesSince1987

Available Design to Choose: 1.Best/gold on green2.Best/gold on blue3.Best/2 color mix4.Blue #1 on silver5.#1 Choice/red on silver6.Money Chaser on blue7.Ice Cream8.Chocolate on silver9.Kisses on silver10.Heavy Doll/pink on silver11.Heavy Doll/purple on silver12.Heavy Doll/2 color mix13.Ballet/black on silver14.Ballet/hot pink on silver15.Ballet/2 color mix16.Bull Dog on silver17.Dolphin on silver18.Eagle on silver19.Lion on silver20.Owl on silver21.Panda on silver22.Panther/pink on silver23.Panther/black on silver24.Panther/2 color mix25.Dice on silver26.Green Star on silver27.Blue Star on silver28.BunnyKisses silver on black29.BunnyKisses silver on pearl red30.BunnyKisses/2 color mix31.Bunny on Mauve32.Bunny in black on silver33.Bunny in black on pearl red34.Bunny-Choose color or mix35.El Chapo/gold on black36.El Chapo/gold on pearl red37.El Chapo/2 color mix38.Jordan-jump fly/silver39.Jordan-slam dunk/silver40.Jordan/2 post mix41.Marker/black on silver42.Marker/red on silver43.Marker/blue on silver44.Marker/3 color mix45.CC/blue on baby purple46.CC/gold on black47.CC/black on silver48.CC/3 color mix49.BatHero/gold on black50.BatHero/black on pearl red51.BatHero/black on pearl green52.BatHero/black on silver53.BatHero/4 color mix54.Poker/silver black55.Puff Boy/silver56.Puff Boy/gold black57.Puff Boy/gold on pearl red58.Puff Boy/2 color mix59.Red Devil on silver60.Skull/silver on hot pink61.Skull/silver on pearl blue62.Skull/white on silver63.Skull/gold on black64.Skull/white on pearl blue65.Death Kiss/rose red on silver66.Skull w/text/silver on black67.Skull w/text/gold on black68.Skull w/text 2 color mix69.Skull w/text/black on silver70.Smoker/gold on green71.Smoker/gold on black72.Smoker/black on silver73.Smoker/3 color mix74.WeedsLeaf/white on black75.WeedsLeaf/black on pearl yellow76.WeedsLeaf/black on silver77.WeedsLeaf/gold on black78.WeedsLeaf/green on Neon yellow79.WeedsLeaf/Choose color & mix80.SweetHeart/red on silver81.SweetHeart/black on silver82.SweetHeart/baby pink on silver83.SweetHeart/black on pearl green84.SweetHeart/black on pearl hot pink85.SweetHeart/choose & mix86.Stay High on red87.Witch/silver on purple88.Witch/purple on silver89.Witch/2 color mix90.Sorting Hat/silver91.SunnyFace on silver92.SuperBoy/orange on silver93.SuperBoy/blue on silver

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