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FWIW . . . i was sent an email with info and link to Palm Pre, including video presentation . . . Check it out

Sprint - Palm Pre
Palm Pre Phone - (video) Features, Details, Reviews : Palm USA
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I don't trust the Palm Pre, I think its all hype at this point and I'm not buying it. Yes it looks nice, its pretty cool but if I wanted something cool I would own a iPHone, not a Storm.

Palm announced the Pre at CES, and never announced a date as when it comes out. Why? the iPHone had a date when it was announced, so do most BlackBerry, Palm never gave a solid date because its not even finished yet. I heard, Q1 2009, Q2 2009, Q3 ect... Is it coming to Canada ??? Not sure...

Another thing is, I don't trust a company like Palm, Palm comes out with a great product every 10 years, remember the Palm Pilot, then everyone copied them and they vanished, now the're back with the Pre. What happens when users find bug in the OS (it happened with the iPhone and it happens with BB's), will Palm send updates for the OS? Do you really think they will follow up with some updated version of their hardware or just cash in on the Pre. It seems like BlackBerry come out with a new product or a new OS version every few months. The Curve, Bold and Storm are fairly new, and there is already talks of the Niagara coming out. Do you think Palm will come out with the "Palm Pro", "Palm Flip" ect ect,, in a few months/years after the release?

And I'm not 100% sure on this, but I read somewhere that the aps for the Palm Pre are coded in HMTL 5 ??? Not C++ or VB but HTML 5, I guess that's why they call it a Web OS.

Palm Pre looks pretty, it may make you cool among your friends, but I'm not buying the hype around it. I think it will fall short of the BlackBerry's and the iPhone.
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I had the Pre, loved it for two days, then problems started. I did some research on the internet, read forums, got tired of making excuses for the phone... I'm now enjoying my new BB Curve.

Skip the Pre until Palm works out the issues they skipped over to beat the iPhone #Gs to release. That should only take a year or two since Palm is ignoring any customer feedback and Sprint is pretending everything in fine.
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I was looking at the Palm Pre *and* the BlackBerry Tour. Sprint was my carrier of choice because they didnt' want a deposit, and EV-DO coverage in my area is reasonable.

Now, I for one do not like rebates! To me, they're nothing but marketing 'gimmicks' that do nothing for the consumer but make us wait around for a debit card, check, or some type of certificate to come in the mail. This is nothing but a punch in the face of the consumer; read: ThoseWithTheMoney!

Having gone to the corporate store, and the one independent Sprint store in my area, and seeing that both had the 'weird rebate thing' going on, I waited. Then I walked into my local Wal-Mart store, and went over to the cell phone counter.

No gimmicks! No freekin' rebates! ("We don't need no stinkin' rebates!") I got the best deal in town. Signed up for a two year plan of unlimited everything at $99 bucks a month, plus a measly $7 bucks for "drop it in a lake and we'll replace it for you" insurance policy. Oh, and did I mention I GOT THE PHONE FOR FREE? ))

Didn't pay anything. Also, I initially got the gray curve as they didn't have the red one I wanted. No sweat at Wal-Mart, sir or madame! As it was within their 30-day return policy, I just waited until they had one in a couple days later. Just returned it, exchanged the gray for the red, and now I'm sporting a nice Red BlackBerry Curve 8330 with Sprint as my carrier. I couldn't be happier!

Granted, the Curve isn't as fast or powerful as the Tour, but a free 8330 CDMA device? Build quality is better on the CDMA units, and Sprint is doing well in the area of shoring up it's customer service and support issues; quite well, in my opinion.

Anyway, I'm happy as a clam, and glad to be back on the BlackBerry bandwagon! Now to get funambol working with Kontact and Evolution on my kubuntu (KDE 4.2.4) linux system, which is, of course, for another, longer thread.

Warm Regards,

Fact of the matter is, I first got a grey BB Curve--as they had no Red ones and I didn't want to wait.
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I have a Bold that I use pretty heavily with my business, but I am a sucker for technology, so I went out Friday with the intent on buying the Palm Pre as a second phone. I decided to go to Radio Shack (erm... The Shack, I mean) because they were selling the Pre for $150 with no rebates needed, and they were waiving the activation fee. I ended up leaving the store without one.

The Shack had nothing to do with my decision... the sales people were fine. It was just that for all the oohs and ahhs over the Pre, I was disappointed with the following:

- The keyboard is tiny and gummy, and the top row of keys is very cramped against the bottom edge of the top half of the phone making typing that much more difficult.
- The top half of the phone would wiggle when the phone was in the closed position. The phone didn't feel particularly cheap, but it didn't feel particularly solid, either.

Beyond that, I had been reading a lot on the Palm Pre forums and blogs, and wasn't terribly impressed with the selection of software (I would not install homebrew apps any quicker than I would jailbreak an iPhone), Palms apparent lack of interest in moving the Pre development forward, or the hit-or-miss attitude of returning/exchanging defective units to Sprint (and there seems to be quite a few problems being reported).

Lastly, while it will connect with Exchange, there doesn't seem to be a task application or the ability to schedule appointments with attendees. Additionally, the cut and paste is, as I understand it, only available in text fields, so you can't, for example, copy a selection of text off a web page and enter it into a new e-mail. Odd...

A PalmPilot was my very first electronic organizer, way back when the company was 3Com/USR. I had many different versions of the old Palm Devices, and then picked up a RIM 950. I stuck with the PalmPilots for a long time, and eventually moved to RIM as my only device. I was really hoping that Palm was going to knock one out of the park with the Pre, but in my opinion, they hit the ball close to the fence, but not over it. Now, it seems like the third base coach (the user base) is telling Palm to round the corner and make a run for home plate, but Palm is balking at second unsure of what to do next.

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