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Yep, 72 wpm on a BlackBerry. No AutoText used. That was 363 keypresses per minute, and at 5 keypresses per word, this results in 72.4 WPM. Because there is no typing test software for BlackBerry, I had to do the complicated procedure to benchmark my typing speed.

I just did the test at again. The typing results should be updated shortly (by about 3:00am GMT). When it does, the 136 Net Speed WPM (cwpm) result in the Weekly top 100 is mine. (98% accuracy, Gross Speed would be 138 WPM)

My typing falls down to about 90-100 WPM if I am dong continuous typing of one of my massive posts in my BlackBerry FAQ though, and if I am doing lots of formatting, it falls down even further. Still can output fully formatted and corrected text faster than most people can type raw plain text.
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