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Thanks for everyone for figuring this all out - I put the new software on yesterday using your instructions, and I had NO TROUBLE AT ALL

Just one thing for everyone to remember saying "Verizon told me that ...":

Since when do Verizon customer service peons (i.e. the lowest level of "defense") know anything?
Nothing against these poor people, but they just don't get half the information they need. I personally rather trust what people find out themselves right here in this forum than what the first customer service person tells me.

On the other hand, the guy in the store was right when he said that the BB 7250 did not support tethering (in it's original version) - I tried plenty...
New version does it just fine

Oh, on our account Broadband was already enabled, at least for my phone. Not sure if my rep in the store put in on when I talked about tethering while getting my phone...

So again thanks so much to everyone for your work!

BTW: My boss and his partner were very eager to find out how I did it, hehe... So I sent them a link to this thread