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Originally Posted by KonTiki
I provisoned my 7250 with EVDO from the first day it was made available, at which point I also upgraded to the new software. Yes it took almost 30 minutes to reboot but I have very limited third party software ( Do you have a lot? ). However, my BB has been solid, no stability problems of any sort. Solid connections, no sound problems of any sort, no bluetooth issues, no rebooting on its own, so from my end I do not see how you can say it is less stable. I think some of those issues come from conflicting software if at all.
The 7250 I provisioned had about 6 third party software packages and is a heavy use device with massive call logs etc. The phone took about 60 minutes to reboot, I thought it was dead. After everything was provisioned and working it crashed and rebooted itself after 15 minutes of use. Since then (last night) it has worked without a crash. However, this morning there was ANOTHER problem. Overnight and this morning the unit was not getting any email delivered. The unit indicated 1XEV all caps with NO DCR indicator. So I sent a PIN from the 7250 and as soon as it sent out the PIN the handheld received about 20 emails all at once that were obviously qued and ready to roll. The unit for some reason did not seem to be registered on the network until the PIN was sent. Funny thing was that it was working just fine last night. Anyway, all is well right now...but I still standby my opinion that the new OS is not as stable. If I continue to have problems with the handheld I will probably roll it back to the previous OS which was rock solid.

As another note my personal use device is a 8700c unlocked on the tmobile network. Just for kicks I played around with the evdo 7250 head-to-head with the 8700 EDGE, and it is pretty clear that the EVDO network is MUCH faster than the EDGE network. However, the time to complete page draw was pretty similar, presumably because the 8700 has a much faster processor. Also everything was much quicker on the 8700, BBMessenger, composing email, switching between applications etc everything MUCH faster on the 8700. BBLocal also ran much faster on the 8700 eventhough the EDGE network is slower. The 8700 also rendered webpages much better, much more usable. Needless to say the 7250 owner has major 8700 envy right now. When the 8700 series drops on verizon we will have a true beast of a blackberry; EVDO on the 8700 will be sick.