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Originally Posted by KonTiki
I provisoned my 7250 with EVDO from the first day it was made available, at which point I also upgraded to the new software. Yes it took almost 30 minutes to reboot but I have very limited third party software ( Do you have a lot? ). However, my BB has been solid, no stability problems of any sort. Solid connections, no sound problems of any sort, no bluetooth issues, no rebooting on its own, so from my end I do not see how you can say it is less stable. I think some of those issues come from conflicting software if at all.
I provisioned as well on the first day. I have had no stability issues, but I have had infrequent DCRs.. However, I had them before (I live in a fringe area of every provider (had cingular, had 0 coverage, know someone who has tmobile, and they have almost 0 coverage)). Overall, I am quite pleased with the update. Truth be told though, I am more interested in the updates to the OS (like the new calculator) and am awaiting 4.1 to finally "hide" my sent items..

While EVDO is nice, it makes 0 difference for email (with respect to what I would consider "normal" use). It does make a nice difference when web surfing, the pages load very nice and it appears to load most pages faster than an 8700 I've played with at work (when we were BES activating it for someone).. BUT, I don't use the web enough to make it worth my while (except when waiting in the car with the sleeping kids, while my wife runs into "one" more store..