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Originally Posted by JSanders View Post
Uviuar -- Watch your language, please. I have asked politely.

This more akin, in your example, to buying the $30K auto with an XM radio installed, and your dealer then requiring that you pay the monthly toll to use it.
Sorry for the language. Anyway, charging me a toll to use the satellite radio is like charging a toll to use satellite television. Of course I have to pay for that, my payments cover all the costs associated with putting the satellite network in place and providing content across said network. So exactly what is Verizon's involvement with the GPS satellite system the US Department of Defense put into space? What costs are Verizon recovering by charging me to use the hardware in a phone that they didnt pay for? The U.S. put those satellites into orbit for military reasons, but decided for the time being that civilians could use them totally free of charge.

Why doesnt verizon just disable the built in camera while theyre at it, and charge me $50 to use a verizon camera application "so the camera does not accidentally go off and take unwanted photographs." Because clearly that is such a threat that I cant be given the choice whether I want to be protected or not, and need to prevent the off-chance that my camera accidentally goes off while I take it out of my pocket and it catches me on a bad hair day and simultaneously then decides to upload that picture to CNN who then put it on their homepage as funny ugly guy of the week and my whole life is ruined and I commit suicide and my family files a lawsuit against Verizon for not protecting me against this very event! Perfectly logical, rational fear. But I digress....

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