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Default is javaloader.exe availble withour JDE/JDK?

I've combed thru several posts regarding javaloader.exe and your seems to be the most comprehensive, so I hope you forgive if this post is slightly off topic.

My goal/request is to find if there is a simpler means of obtaining javaloader.exe than by downloading the JDE or JDK.

My issues are that I wish to use oppitronic's bbscreenstream which I found referenced in an older post. I would post links but don't have the privilege yet.

I am using an 8 gig netbook and I am running out of storage space. I am not a developer, so have no desire for the JDE/JDK. I simply wish the fewest files possible, with the smallest file size "footprint" to allow for the use of the BBScreenStream utility for presentation and training purposes. Is this a pipe dream or do I have to download all the developer files to get what I desire

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