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Originally Posted by purephase View Post
I'm going to stick it out but this is, by far, the buggiest leak I've ever used by RIM. There's too much to like about 5 so I don't want to go back (tabbed browsing!).

I hope the next leak is soonish as I hear the .140+ are fairly stable. I hate downgrading. ;)
I hated to downgrade, and in fact and are the only two BB betas from which I've HAD to downgrade -- in both cases, due to bugginess. I also love the new features, and held on as long as I could. But I was actually missing calls with 130, finding UMA unusable for voice, and having the OS lock up at various inopportune times. I had to fall back to

Your reference to 140 caught my eye. I really hope it's stable, and is leaked soon. I'd love to get back to 5.x.x.x, but need something I can rely on...
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