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I originally posted about a week ago that all was working fine with my 7250 and evdo in Baltimore, LA and NY. I couldn't believe all the problems I was seeing on the forums. Well, finally, I'm getting them too. at least I'm not left out! I usually get it twice a day or so. I've noticed it mainly happening going through areas of limited or weaker signal back and forth into better signal areas(happens a ton in LA going over the hill). Some general information, I've received full EVDO in Baltimore, NY, Boston, DC and LA. I've received the DCR error in all of those cities except for Boston(wasn't there long enough to trully know). From what I gather reading what is posted here and what I've been experiencing it seems to be somewhat obvious that: 1- this is our fault for upgrading before we were supposed to. and 2-the problem were having is most likely tied to our features and software not being fully funcitional with the current system and settings. In my opinion I don't believe it is "fully consumer ready and available" yet. Why would it be so hard to get the upgrade? It makes no sense, if it was fully available to consumers then the people in the stores would tell you, the level 1 reps would tell you, everyone would know. It wouldn't be like world war 3 getting EVDO enabled. Also Verizon would most likely have the link on the 7250 page(which still has the old 4.0 link on it). So what I'd suggest is that if you are seriously hindered with the DCR error, I'd downgrade. If you're not tethering the upgrade is not THAT crutial. I've gotta be honest, while I love having EVDO, the web browsing is still OK at best and unless you're doing almost all of your daily web browsing on your blackberry(which I seriously hope you're not) it may be a good decision to cut your losses at present and enjoy a fully working blackberry. I'll tough it out for a while but you have to ask yourself is having a slightly faster web browser worth potentially getting DCR errors every day and having no data services during those times?