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Originally Posted by phantomtech View Post
As I pointed out earlier in this thread, if anyone (including verizon) would really read the complaint, I am sure they could get it thrown out. Amazing that lawyers who probably charge $1000 and hour haven't seen the red flag in the lawsuit.
It's not really much of a red flag. It's up to them to bring that issue up much earlier, they haven't. Besides, Here's what would happen 1) Verizon would file a Summary motion to have the case thrown out due to the suit naming Blackberry (the product) rather than RIM (the manufacturer). There would be time for the responsees and reply'sto be filed. While that is happening, the Plaintiff would file a motion to amend the complaint, so as to clarify the parties, chances are it would have been allowed, Verizon most likely cannot prove how they would be prejudiced. Why would they bother?

The analogies that have been thrown out still don't really get to, what I see as, the major issue. I see it more like this; How would everyone feel if their phone company disabled the Messenger or Pin capabilities? I see these as being more damaging to Verizon's bottom line than gps and both are features that come with the phone from the manufacturer to be used by the consumer. I think it's a lousy thing to do to the customer, but it's also not something that I value as a service so I'm not that concerned. I get enough out of the gps by the triangulation to suit my needs. I've been able to use it enough, if I really wanted a gps, I'd buy one. I don't, so I haven't.

By the way, when I bought my curve or my pearl, I was only told that they had gps, nothing more/nothing less. I'm certainly not going to dump good celular service because I'm mad about gps. I bought the phone for other uses and those are great. As for the debate over locating me through gps... Just because you're paranoid, doesn't mean that they aren't out to get you...
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