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Default Re: BB10 vs Galaxy S III vs Iphone 5

All I've got to compare my 9800 (OS6 on BES) with is my new iPad (iOS6). Can I assume the software on iPhone is similar? Naturally, I've never looked at BB10.

I find the iPad browser to be magic compared to the Blackberry. I haven't found a site that doesn't come up quickly and work properly. The Blackberry is slow (probably just the unfair CPU comparison) and often won't even start the download of the site (could be telco problems?).

The Blackberry browser crashes at least once a week because it can't handle a site, closing all the other tabs with it. This could be fixed in OS7, I don't know.

The Blackberry is better on WiFi, but regularly decides it's not going to work anymore. Could be my WiFi router, but the iPad never skips a beat on it.

I'm a bit shocked at how basic the iPad mail app is. I can't collapse my many mail folders, and it's really hard not to accidentally mark emails as read. The message list is only as wide as a phone screen, i.e. I can't see complete subject lines.

I really miss the Blackberry's smart search for folders. The iPad folder list has no filter at all. It's not right for corporate use, and I think I'd find it frustrating to use for personal use. I'm reworking my server side rules and folder structure to fit in with it, and starting to use flags instead of relying on unread messages remaining so, but not everyone will be able to do that.

I've used a Playbook for a while, and I don't recall having these issues, so I doubt BB10 mail will be this poor. It's a pity Apple, etc, leapt so far ahead of Blackberry with the basics because they have some brilliant features. Unfortunately they probably aren't valued much by the masses so they might never end up in other phones.
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